Liberal Arts Field in Art History

Advisor: Peggy Schrock
Required Course - 3 hours
  ART 211   Introduction to the History of Art 1
  (Note: ART 212 should be taken as a University Studies requirement.)
Electives - 15 hours
  Five of the following courses:
  ART 356   Art of Non-Western Cultures
  ART 415   Greek and Roman Art
  ART 416   Medieval Art
  ART 418   Renaissance Art
  ART 419   Baroque Art
  ART 425   Asian Art
  ART 428   19th Century Art
  ART 429   Art from 1900-1960
  ART 430   Contemporary Art, 1960 to the Present
  ART 491   Special Problems in Art History
  ART 501   Seminar: Special Topics in Art History
  Or, with the department advisor's approval, other upper-level electives in Art.
Total Requirements - 18 hours