Study Abroad

If you're a major or minor in one of our languages, or if you're just a student who's interested in language, we strongly encourage you to spend time abroad. You can find month-long summer programs, as well as programs for an entire semester or year, on Murray State's study-abroad database or with the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS). Make sure to meet with a faculty member in your language to learn more about how different programs will fit with your coursework at Murray State, and schedule an appointment with Education Abroad to learn about the many resources available to help fund your trip--including special scholarships for language students.

Murray State University Signature Programs:

  • Kansai Gaidai, Japan - Semester/Year (Japanese, culture, humanities, fine arts, business, and a variety of other courses)
  • Tenri University, Japan - Semester/Year (Japanese and culture)
  • Regensburg, Germany - Fall (German, art, economics, history, and a variety of other courses)
  • Chile - Semester (Spanish, culture, economics, politics, and a variety of other courses)

Language Faculty Abroad

In Summer 2019, two of us will lead study-abroad programs:

  • Yoko Hatakeyama will direct a KIIS program in Japan, where students will visit some of the country's major cities while taking intermediate or advanced Japanese courses, and/or English-language courses on Japanese culture and religion.
  • Dr. Robert (Moses) Fritz will direct a KIIS program in Portugal, where students will explore part of the Camino de Santiago while taking either an intermediate Portuguese course designed to be accessible to students of Spanish, or a course on recreational tourism.