Chinese Studies - Minor

Chinese Studies Minor ......................... 21 hrs

CHN 201, 202 or 210, 305, and 340 (a minimum grade of C required in 202, 305, and 340), and nine hours of approvedupper-level electives. One of the electives must be completed in residence at Murray State University. Due to the nature of this Minor, CHN 451 and CHN 460 will not be offered in the same semester. The department strongly recommends that minors study abroad for at least one summer.


List of full course names:

CHN 201  Intermediate Chinese I

CHN 202  Intermediate Chinese II

CHN 210  Intermediate Conversational Chinese (abroad only)

CHN 305  Advanced Survey of Chinese Culture

CHN 310  Chinese Composition and Conversation Abroad

CHN 314  Chinese Culture Abroad

CHN 340 Chinese Diversity through Food

CHN 451  Directed Study 

CHN 460  Study in a Genre

HIS 340  Modern East Asia

HIS 472  Modern China

HIS 474  China in Revolution

POL 459  Politics of China