All incoming Freshmen and Transfer students who have had French, German, or Spanish, including native speakers, are required to take the Placement Exam, even those who do not plan on continuing the language at this university. For more information, please see Placement Policy.

Credit by Examination

If a student has previously acquired knowledge of French, German, Spanish, or Japanese (the languages regularly taught at Murray State), a maximum of 12 college credits, up to and including the level of 301, may be awarded. The awarding of credits will be based on the applicant's success in any one of the following options.

Option 1: The Departmental Challenge Process

The Departmental Challenge Process consists of the student taking the Placement Exam and completing the appropriate course (102 or higher as determined by the score on the Placement Exam) with a grade of A or B. Within a calendar year of completing the Placement Exam, the student must complete an "Application of Challenge Credit" available in the department office and file the approved application with the Registrar's Office. There is a $5.00 per credit hour fee for each hour of credit awarded. It is the responsibility of the student to apply for Challenge Credit, and application must be made while the student is enrolled at Murray State.

Option 2: The CLEP Examination

Students may take the CLEP examination which is administered by the Counseling and Testing Center on campus. Credit is awarded based upon the student's score on the CLEP examination. CLEP examination scores must have been made within the current calendar year in order to be eligible for credit. Fees are required for the CLEP examination.

Option 3: The Advance Placement (AP) Examination

Credit is awarded based upon the student's score on the Advance Placement Examination in Language and/or Literature.