Graduate Assistantships

Students admitted to the Master of Arts program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA in TESOL) may apply for consideration for graduate assistantships. Assistantship descriptions and application guidelines are listed below.

Guidelines for Graduate Assistantships in MA TESOL

Assistantships in the MA in TESOL program are granted for one academic year (fall and spring semester). Under certain circumstances, assistantships may be granted for one fall or one spring semester only. Applicants should specify the academic year and semester for which they wish to be considered.

By university policy, holders of graduate assistantships are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA and work no more than ten hours per week off campus. In fall and spring semesters, students must be enrolled in at least six hours of credit courses but not more than nine hours.

All holders of graduate assistantships are eligible for in-state tuition.

MA in TESOL students who do not speak English as a first language must complete nine hours in the program before applying for an assistantship. At that point, the quality of a student's spoken English will be a critical factor in consideration for an assistantship.

While continued employment depends on the needs of the program and the university, in general, a graduate assistant who receives satisfactory evaluations may apply to continue his or her graduate assistantship up to a maximum of three years or six semesters.

While applications may be submitted at any time, graduate assistantships for the upcoming academic year are awarded in the spring. Contact the TESOL program director Dr. Latricia Trites for specific deadline information.

Available Assistantships

While the number and type of graduate assistantships vary from semester to semester, awards range from acting as teacher of record for an ESL course in the Department of English and Philosophy or the English as a Second Language Program, to assisting in the design and administration of online or other university ESL or TESOL courses. In all cases, GA recipients can expect to receive teaching and administrative experience that will directly relate to their careers after graduation.

Selection Criteria

Qualified applicants will be ranked according to the following criteria:

  • Quality of both letter of application describing experience and qualifications, and current resume or curriculum vitae
  • Academic record, previous ESL program, or other teaching experience
  • Computer expertise, if applicable
  • Needs of the TESOL program and university
  • Recommendation of the TESOL faculty and successful study in current/previous courses (in the case of current TESOL students)      


Stipends vary depending on the hours per week and specific duties of each assistantship. Contact the TESOL program director Dr. Latricia Trites for information on available assistantships and commensurate compensation.

How to Apply

Send a letter describing your experience and qualifications, plus a current resume or CV, to:
Dr. Latricia Trites
7C-7 Faculty Hall
Murray State University
Murray KY 42071-3341