Photography curriculum includes traditional black and white photography, digital color photography, antique photographic processes, and an introduction to video art.

The traditional flim darkroom area has 2,846 square feet of studio space, with 24 hour access, including seminar space, a basic hot-light studio setup, a gang darkroom with fourteen enlargers, and six individual darkroom spaces for students with an emphasis in photography.

The digital photography classroom has 18 Apple iMacs with video editing capabilities, Epson scanners, Epson inkjet photo printers medium and large format.

Photography Faculty
Kristin Reeves is an Assistant Professor of Photography. She received her MFA from the University of Florida and her BFA from Ball State University.

Contact Information Kristen Reeves

Photography Studio
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Courses Offered
Art 382 Introduction to Photography I (3):  Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of digital photography while exploring creative image making as a means of personal expression. By examining the basic formal foundations and concepts in photography through readings and lab based projects, as well as participating in discussion and critiques, students will build a visual literacy for application in daily life and for developing a deeper understanding of the medium and hits history. Cameras are not supplied. Six hours per week.

Art 383:  Photography II (3):  Continuation and refinemnet of technical aspects presented in ART 382 with expanded emphasis on individual investigation. Discussion and Criticism. Six hours per week. Prerequesite: ART 382 or permission of instructor.

Art 384:  Photography III (3): Exploration of personal style and various photographic processes. Discussion and Investigation of historical and current photographic concerns and trends. Six hours per week. Prerequisite: ART 383 or permission of instructor.

Art 385:  Intro to Video Art (3):  An introduction to the fundamentals of video art with an emphasis on sound, performance, and the moving image as a means of creative expression. Students gain basic familiarity with digital video and sound capture, and the editing software necessary to execute individual project.

Art 483 Photography IV (3):  Investigation of nontraditional and/or new technology related to light-sensitive image-making. Refinement of personal visual direction. Research into new techniques and/or visual trends in society and industry. Six hours per week. Prerequisite: ART 384 or permission of instructor.

Art 484 Photography V (3): Concentrated study of selected photographic processes as related to student's professional goals. Individual explorations are to culminate in a unified body of work such as a book or portfolio, to help prepare the student for his/her senior show, and to facilitate entry into graduate school or the workplace. Prerequisite: ART 483 or permission of instructor.

Art 583 Photography VI (3): Concentrated exploration of individual problems, culminating in a unified body of work such as a book or portfolio. Individual expression, discussion and criticism. Six hours per week. Prerequisites: two courses in photography or permission of instructor.

Art 584 Photography VII (3): Continuation of ART 583. Six hours per week. Prerequisite: ART 583 or permission of instructor.