School Psychology

Murray State University's school psychology program offers two training options, both of which lead to certification as a school psychologist, allowing program completers to work in preK-12 schools. The original program, established in 1997, is considered a “6th year” program because it requires a master’s degree in a related field (e.g., counseling, psychology, communication disorders) as a prerequisite for admission. Additional specialization coursework, depending upon the student’s entire graduate academic record, is provided which leads to certification. The 6th-year program consists of 60 total graduate hours (6 of which are the year-long internship). The newest program we offer is the Specialist in Education degree program. Unlike the 6th-year program, this program does not require a master's degree as a prerequisite for admission. The required coursework for both programs is identical, although the Ed.S. degree program requires one additional course in research—the specialty study.

The philosophy of the school psychology program is to prepare generalists who can offer a wide range of assessment, consultation, and intervention services to a diverse population of children, teachers, and schools. As such, the coursework for the school psychology programs consists of specialized training, supervision, and field experiences in child development, learning, assessment, mental health counseling, and academic intervention.  The training in psychology and education provides the skills to work with preschoolers, children, adolescents, teachers, and families, and emphasis is placed on developing the skills needed to work with all school personnel to help make education a positive and rewarding experience for students. For more details about school psychology as a profession, go to

Specialist in Education in Counseling: School Psychology - This 66-credit-hour degree prepares students to meet the requirements for certification as school psychologists in Kentucky and the surrounding states.

Post-Masters Endorsements - you can choose to pursue a “certificate” program, which does not result in a degree, but in Kentucky endorsement/certification to work in preK-12 schools. The endorsements include:
• Standard Counseling Certificate
• Individual Intellectual Assessment Endorsement
• 6th-Year Program in School Psychology

School Psychology Program Coordinator
Dr. Mardis Dunham
Educational Studies, Leadership, and Counseling Department
320 Alexander Hall, Murray, KY  42071