Social Work Related Electives List

These are courses that serve to enhance the social work student’s education in areas where they have interest. Each student must take a minimum of 4 courses (or 12 hours) from this list. Any course not on this list must be approved by the student’s social work advisor.

ANT 140  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANT 344  The Black Experience
ANT 596  The Minority Elderly
COM 387  Intercultural Communication
CRJ 140  Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ 240  Corrections
CRJ 320  Juvenile Delinquency
CRJ 325  Criminal Justice Ethics
CRJ 385  Violent Crime
CRJ 425  Terrorism
CRJ 445  Race Ethnicity and Gender in Criminal Justice
CRJ 573  Juvenile Justice Procedures
HEA 200  Community and Consumer Health
HEA 460  Human Sexuality
HEA 470  Education for Drug Abuse Prevention
LST 350  Legal Services for the Elderly
NLS 290  Trends and Issues in Youth and Human Services
NLS 350  Program Admin in Youth and Human Services Organizations
NLS 351  Leadership & Support Systems in Youth & Human Services Organizations
NLS 485  Seminar on Leadership Development
NLS 502  Workshop in Financial Resources Development
NTN 230  Nutrition
NTN 333  Nutrition Through the Life Cycle
PHI 103  Critical Thinking
PHI 201  Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 330  Medical Ethics
PHI 321  Philosophy of Religion
PHI 357  Feminist Philosophy
PHI 376  Environmental Ethics
PHI 383  Philosophy of Diversity
PSY 221  Psychology of Human Sexuality
PSY 261  Child Psychology
PSY 264  Psychology of Aging
PSY 303  Social Psychology
REC 100  Rural Tourism
REC 101  Introduction to Recreation & Leisure Services
REC 102  Camp Leadership and Counseling
REC 207  Inclusive Recreation
REC 301  Outdoor Adventure Skills
REC 400  Survey of Therapeutic Recreation
REC 411  Curriculum Development in Adventure Education   
RGS 200  Introduction to Comparative Religions
RGS 300  Foundations of Judaism and Christianity
RGS 309  Survey of World Religions
RGS 321  Philosophy of Religion
RGS 322  History of Religion in the US
RGS 420  Sociology of Religion
SOC 231  Social Problems
SOC 305  Social Issues
SOC 320  Music Culture and Society
SOC 335  Sociology of Formal Organizations
SOC 336  Society and the Individual
SOC 337  Social Inequality
SOC 339  Rural Sociology
SOC 343  Minorities in the United States
SOC 344  The Black Experience
SOC 420  Sociology of Religion
SOC 434  Social Theory
SPA 101  Elementary Spanish I
SPA 102  Social Interactions in Spanish
SPA 105  Introduction to Hispanic Culture
SPA 110  Basic Conversational Spanish
SPA 201  Intercultural Communication in Spanish