Professional Development School Pilot

Teacher Quality Institute has implemented a Professional Development School Pilot program that began in August 2016. With help from the schools, their principals, and our student based educators we were able to place ten students for the 2016-2017 academic school year. A full list of participating Schools, Principals, School Based Educators, and Murray State Teacher Candidates is listed below.

For more information about the Roles & Responsibilities for each of the participants, please click on the links above.

Click here for the Professional Development School Pilot Information Booklet.

2016-2017 Participants

Browning Springs Middle School

Principal: Jason Clark

Assistant Principal: Wendy Eaves

School-Based Educators: Katie Vaught (Math) & Tonya Epley (Social Studies)

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Mathew Blackwell

Murray Middle School

Principal: Bob Horne

Assistant Principal: Mark English

School-Based Educators: Suzanne Armstrong, Beth Myers, & Chris Merfeld

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Heather Vieitez & Emily Gooch

Mayfield Middle School

Principal: Kim Reed

Assistant Principal: Kelly Stinson

School-Based Educator: Heather Hopwood & Ashley Collins

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Grace Harris

Paducah Middle School

Principal: Stacy Overlin

Assistant Principal: Patrick Sadler & Allene Houston Jones

School-Based Educator: Terica Gaines & Rachel Morgan

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Dan Adams

Clark Elementary

Principal: Steve Ybarzabel

Assistant Principal: Erin Sauders

School-Based Educator: Liz Leneave, Mitzi Collins, Nick Dietrich, Jenny Roberts, & Jenneifer Thompson

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Alyssa Harris, Darian Helton, Keri Hicks, Taylor Hobbs, & Jo Anne Koster Harwell