Student Teaching Program


The following Student Teaching Orientation dates are for those students who plan to Student Teach during Spring 2019. It is mandatory that you attend one Student Teaching Orientation.

Wednesday February 7, 2018 4-6p Alexander Hall 1003
Thursday February 22, 2018 3-5p Alexander Hall 1003
Tuesday March 6, 2018 2:30-4:30p Alexander Hall 1003

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Registration is limited to 50 people and will close 2 days prior to orientation date or when capacity is reached.

Student Teaching Requirements:

In order to be admitted to student teaching, students must

    1. been granted admission to the Teacher Education,
    2. file a formal application in Teacher Education Services two semesters prior to the term in which student teaching is desired. (Applications are distributed at scheduled student teaching orientations only.),
    3. have minimum 2.75 GPA’s in major/areas, professional education, and overall,
    4. have demonstrated teaching ability in field and clinical situations.
    5. document completion of 200 or more field hours (beginning 9/1/2013)

      Click here for Audit & Component Sheets

    6. and have been successfully reviewed by the Admission to Teacher Education Committee of their college.

      In order to begin student teaching, students must

      1. have senior, post-bac, or graduate status and have completed all major courses and specialty areas;
      2. have been admitted to Teacher Education prior to the student teaching interview;
      3. have completed all required professional teacher education courses (EDU 103, EDP 260, EDU 303, SED 300 and EDU 403, etc. – see specific requirements by major or area) with a minimum 2.75 GPA;

ATTENTION: DO NOT schedule the Medical Examination, TB Skin test, or the Criminal background check required for student teaching until you have had your Student Teaching Placement Interview with the Coordinator of Student Teaching as there are constraints associated with the previous mentioned requirements.

  1. file a valid and current medical examination, which includes a TB test (to begin student teaching within six months of exam); Click for Medical Exam Form
  2. obtain a criminal records background check;
  3. maintain a minimum 2.75 in major(s) or area; and
  4. have supplied TES with any other required information (transcripts, undergrad course exception forms, etc.).
  5. Complete a review of the Professional Code of Ethics for Kentucky School Personnel and a Declaration of Eligibility (Click Here for Declaration) signed by the candidate affirming a commitment to upholding the code and acknowledging awareness of information required for state certification. If answers given on the Declaration of Eligibility change during the time of participation in the teacher education program, the Director of Teacher Education Services must be notified immediately.
  6. Agree to all terms of the Student Teaching Contract; the contract will be reviewed and electronically signed during the Student Teaching Orientations, therefore printing is not required. Click the provided link to view a complete list of schools listed by county used by Murray State University for Student Teaching Placements.

General Requirements for Kentucky Certification

Any person who wishes to be recommended by Murray State for an initial Kentucky teaching certificate must have

  1. successfully completed an approved teacher education program including student teaching;
  2. filed an application for certification (CA-1) with Teacher Education Services at Murray State;
  3. obtained at least minimal scores required on PRAXIS specialty area tests and the appropriate Principles of Learning and Teaching Test (PLT); Click here for current Kentucky Requirements.
  4. completed all applicable computer literacy and applications requirements; and
  5. earned a bachelor’s degree.

    In addition, in Kentucky, full certification requires the completion of the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program. To be recommended for certification in other states, all Kentucky requirements must be met.

NOTE: Requirements for teacher certification are established by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board Students. Students are cautioned that changes in these requirements may occur after publication of the current Murray State University Bulletin. For the most current information, students should check with an advisor in one of the departments in the College of Education.

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