Student Life and Resources

Organizational Communication Student Life and Resources

"The 3rd Floor of Wilson Hall is like my grandparents' house; cozy, happy and filled with people who support me in all I do. But most importantly it is full of people who care. The Department of Organizational Communication is like my surrogate family, which makes it like a home away from home."
-Angelique B.
Senior, Murray, KY

Student Life and Resources

Why should you choose one of our programs? Well, here is what our students tell us they value and why they recommend Organizational Communication to their friends. First, we focus on “application”—applying communication processes and skills to make better relationships and organizations. Faculty constantly ask themselves, “What can I teach students today that will make them more effective tomorrow?” Second, we make learning active and participative. We genuinely value students’ opinions and want everyone to speak-up so we can learn from one another. Third, our faculty members are accessible, supportive, and committed to high quality teaching and learning. Finally, the students like each other and being part of the department. They develop friendships and really get to know one another as fellow members of “Org. Comm.” It is a great “climate” to learn in.


  • Organizational Communication Scholarships
    For more information on the scholarships available to Organizational Communication Students please contact Jenilee Williams at
  • Lambda Pi Eta Honors Society
    Students with a GPA over 3.5 can join the Department's Honor Society. Lambda Pi Eta is a nationally recognized communication honor society. Murray State's chapter provides communication coaching and community service.
  • Racer Oral Communication Center
    Murray State University created a Racer Oral Communication Center in the Fall of 2011. The center assists students with developing and presenting professional presentations. For more information on the Racer communication Center click here.
  • Speech and Debate Union
    Murray State University’s Speech and Debate Union is comprised of the competition travel team, scholarship recipients, and society captains. For more information concerning the Speech and Debate Union Contact Dr. Crystal Coel at
  • The National Communication Association

    The National Communication Association advances communication as the discipline that studies all forms, modes, media and consequences of communication through humanistic, social scientific and aesthetic inquiry. Our students frequently attend the national and Kentucky NCA conferences, present academic paper and publish scholarly articles. For more information on the NCA, click here.

  • Organizational Communication Murray State Library Page

    A great source to find articles devoted to communication research as well as links to APA writing style.