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Undergraduate programs
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Area in Accounting - Information Systems Option 
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Area in Accounting - Financial Planning Option 
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The student specializing in accounting at Murray State is provided with a broad educational background during four years of study at the university. The first two years emphasize University Studies courses which are oriented toward providing the student with a comprehensive general education. The latter two years consist of technical and specialized courses in the area of accounting, supplemented by supporting courses in management, statistics, information systems, marketing, economics, law and finance. The supporting courses provide a strong foundation of business tools and knowledge that complements concentrated study in accounting. The Department offers an area in accounting, an area in accounting with an information systems option, and an area in accounting with a finance option, and an area in accounting with a financial planning option, all with the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science in Business degrees. A minor in accounting is also available for students majoring in other fields of study.

Students who complete an area in accounting at Murray State meet the educational requirements to sit for the Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified in Financial Management (CFM), and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) examinations. In most states, students must complete 150 semester hours to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination. While Kentucky permits candidates to sit after completing a baccalaureate degree, students must still complete 150 semester hours to obtain the CPA certificate. The Department of Accounting offers an MBA / Accounting Option to help students meet the 150 hour requirement.

Accounting professionals are among the principal information specialists in the global economy. They work in public accounting, private industry, and government. An understanding of information systems and technology qualifies accountants to play critical roles as top-level decision makers, financial planners, and consultants, especially in today's e-business environment.

Graduate program
Master of Business Administration - Accounting option

Murray State University offers a Master of Business Administration - Accounting option to provide students with advanced study in business and accounting. The MBA - Accounting option program uses graduate elective courses to provide students with 12 hours of accounting in addition to the traditional core of business courses.