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Scholarship documents

List of Activities (All applicants)

  • In addition to listing information in the Free Form Essay Questions section of the scholarship application, you can also upload a list of activities to your scholarship application.
  • There is not a preferred format
  • List of activities should be organized and easy to understand
  • If there is an activity or honor that a scholarship committee might not know about by listing the name only, be sure to provide a brief explanation
  • Things to consider including on the list are:
                Academic awards & honors

                Clubs/organization activities (offices, committees, competitions, etc.)

                Athletic team participation

                Volunteer/community service activities

                Work experience

  • Activity lists can be uploaded electronically to the student's STARS scholarship application, but are not required as a separate document if you have answered the Free Form Essay Questions section of the application.

Letter of Recommendation (Incoming freshman ONLY)

  • Required only for some specific incoming freshmen scholarships (non-traditional freshmen excluded)
  • Students may submit more than one letter of recommendation if they wish.
  • Many incoming freshman scholarships may require a letter of recommendation from a principal or guidance counselor.
  • There is not a preferred format/form.
  • Recommendation letters can be requested electronically through the STARS scholarship application
    • If the person submitting your recommendation does not wish to complete the electronic request, they can send the Recommendation Letter via fax to 270.809.2266 or via mail to the Scholarship Office, 102 Curris Center, Murray, KY 42071.  Please be aware that all required documentation must be received by January 15th in order to be included with your application.


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