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General Scholarship Policies

General Policies

Scholarships may be used only during regular academic semesters (fall/spring).  Half the total award package of each current year will be equally divided between the two academic semesters.

Four-year awards are for eight consecutive semesters or until baccalaureate degree requirements are met, whichever occurs first.

Students must be full-time status (12-semester hours undergraduate; 9-semester hours graduate) during all award periods unless stated otherwise.  Specific scholarship information can be obtained by logging into your MSU STARS Scholarship application and clicking on “Awarded” by each scholarship you were awarded on the Scholarship Status section.  

Only direct expenses (“billed” tuition, room, meal plan) may be used with general fund awards.  Fees for CLEP exam credit, challenge exam credit, and correspondence courses cannot be covered by general fund scholarships.  Refunds may be given from Alumni, Foundation, KEES, or outside awards in certain situations—only when direct expenses have been fully paid.

Students receiving awards requiring specific grades, service hours, or Honors Program participation will be reviewed at the end of each academic year.  Academic records will be verified by information provided by the Admissions/Records Office.  Any student failing to comply with the requirements of their award will receive notification of non-renewal.  Certain conditions of any possible renewal will be indicated at that time.

A student can be awarded total scholarship assistance from university general funds only up to the value of “billed” tuition and required tuition related fees, a semi-private residence room at the standard rate, and a basic meal plan.  Federal need based awards must be within the defined need.  Outside dollar awards and/or financial aid from federal or state resources combined with MSU scholarship awards must be within the estimated expense budget or need determined by the Financial Aid Office.  Scholarship dollars may be reduced in those specific cases at appropriate times.

If an over-award occurs combining all resources, students may contact the Scholarship Office to obtain information regarding purchasing a computer or approved technical support with the amount of the over-award.  Generally, students may only take advantage of this computer purchase opportunity once.  However, students should confirm details with the Scholarship Office.

OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIPS:  You must notify Murray State University of all outside awards prior to each registration.  Failure to do so may delay your class registration/fee payment process.  The University retains the right to adjust individual scholarship awards to effectively utilize all outside resources, Federal/State and University dollars and comply with state and federal mandates.

Over-award Policy

The total amount of Murray State scholarship award for any admitted student in conjunction with other Murray State tuition adjustments, (i.e., Legacy Tuition Grant, Regional tuition, etc.) or outside scholarships may not exceed a student’s cost of attendance. 

Scholarships awarded from resources outside Murray State University as well as federal/state aid are considered in calculating the total package of award for all students.  The outside awards must be reported to the MSU Bursar’s Office. 

No student may exceed the total amount of all aid/resources for any given academic year.  Murray State University reserves the right to adjust individual scholarship awards after award letters have been mailed to effectively utilize federal and university dollars.


Over Award Examples:

In-State Student Cost of Attendance                $9,000

$9,000 - Includes direct expenses (tuition, campus housing, a meal plan), books, misc. personal expenses

$1,500 - KEES (Kentucky Excellence Education Scholarship)
$3,500 – Murray State University Scholarship
$1,000 – Wal-Mart Scholarship
$2,000 – ACME Scholarship
$2,000 – Pell Grant
$1,000 – SEOG

$11,000           Total Awards
   9,000            Cost of Attendance

    2,000           Amount of Over Award.

In most cases, the Murray State University Scholarship would be reduced by $2,000 to become $1,500.  Total award package then equals the cost of attendance.

Out of State Student (Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee)

Students from these states that qualify for admission receive Regional Tuition.  The amount varies from year to year and from state to state.

Out-of-State Cost of Attendance  (IL, IN, MO, TN)                 $13,000
($13,000 – Includes direct expenses (out of state tuition, university housing, a meal plan) books, misc.   
personal expenses

$1,000 – Wal-Mart Scholarship
$3,000 – Murray State University Scholarship
$3,000 – Westinghouse Foundation Scholarship
$2,000 – Student employment (on campus)
$2,000 – Student loan
$2,000 – Regional Tuition Adjustment
$2,000 – Rotary Scholarship
$1,000 – Local PTO Scholarship

$16,000           Total Awards
  13,000           Cost of Attendance

    3,000           Amount of Over Award

In most cases, the student loan would be cancelled, the employment hours would be reduced so the student would work only enough hours to earn $1,000.


Out-of-State Student Cost of Attendance            $13,000  (not including IL,IN,MO,TN)
$13,000 – Includes direct expenses (out of state tuition, campus housing, a meal plan), books, misc. personal expenses

$10,000 – National Scholarship Competition
$  1,000 – Wal-Mart Scholarship
$  3,000 – Murray State University Scholarship


$14,000           Total Awards
  13,000           Cost of Attendance

    1,000           Amount of Over Award

In most cases, the Murray State University Scholarship would be reduced by $1,000 to become $2,000.  Total award package then equals the cost of attendance.

If the student is eligible for the Legacy Tuition Grant, it will be treated as an award.  The Murray State University Scholarship would be reduced again. 


In situations where outside scholarships are not known at the time of registration, adjustments may be made after award notifications have been sent.  Students should continue to check their bills on line using their myGate account. 

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