Murray State University has become a home away from home for thousands of students since it’s foundation in 1922. While Murray is known for its academics, we offer more than just a top notch education. Take a look at what life will be like as you become a part of our community:

Get Involved

  • The International Student Organization, or ISO, is comprised of students from all around the globe. ISO acts as a support network while bringing together students from every cultural, religious, and educational background. This active student organization uses its global community to share world awareness with the rest of campus.
  • A great way to plug yourself into the campus community is by joining any of the 200 Student Organizations offered at Murray State. Student Organizations fall under 11 categories; Departmental, Environmental, Greek, Honor Societies, Open, Political, Professional, Religious, Residential, Service, and Sports/Recreation Organizations. Whether you want to get involved in protecting the environment, volunteering, developing your leadership skills, or making lifelong connections in a sorority or fraternity, we have a club for you. Check out this page for a full list of organizations we offer.
  • The International Bazaar takes place every year during International Education week. International students are invited to create displays and bring in artifacts from their home countries to teach kids from surrounding schools about world culture.
  • The week of homecoming (a Murray State Football tradition), every club and organization, including ISO, sets up a tent around the football field under which they sell food and do fun activities before the big football game. This unique community event is called Tent City. That same weekend, one of the sororities hosts a humorous event called Mr. MSU, in which various clubs sponsor their favorite man to compete in a “male pageant” complete with a talent show.
  • If performing is something you are interested in, All Campus Sing during the spring semester might be for you. This historic tradition takes place on the steps of Lovett Auditorium on campus. Students and community members spread blankets and chairs on the lawn of Lovett and watch singing and dancing composed and performed by the student organizations on campus. If the beat is in your feet, check out the Alpha Step Off, also in the Spring. Step is a unique style of dance that can only be experienced first-hand to gain its full effect. This serious competition takes place inside of Lovett Auditorium. 
  • It is also possible to organize your own student organization or event! Murray State is open to new ideas and wants to help you blaze your own path.
Bassel Alhashemi 
Biology - 2016
"Murray's 200 student organizations offer great opportunities for international students to become part of a true American university experience. It's also a fun way to meet new people."
BIOLOGY - 2016
"Murray's 200 student organizations offer great opportunities for international students to become part of a true American university experience. It's also a fun way to meet new people."
BIOLOGY - 2016
"Murray's 200 student organizations offer great opportunities for international students to become part of a true American university experience. It's also a fun way to meet new people."

Academic Support

The library is an excellent place to study. There is a coffee shop located inside the main library on campus, so students like to grab a cup of coffee and do homework or check out books. The library also has several musical records, including tapes, CDs, videos and records. Tutoring is also available for students who need help with some of their classes.
Several departments on campus offer tutoring to students who need extra help.

Eating and Sleeping

  • Murray State has several dining options. Winslow Dining Hall, the largest venue on campus, hosts several buffet options and changes menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night meals. If you have special dining needs, they will happily accommodate you. Campus Pizza also operates through Winslow and will deliver a variety of options anywhere on campus
  • International students have the unique experience of hosting International Night at Winslow! Share your favorite dish from home with students and faculty. You can also participate in the performances that take place throughout the night. Students file in for a taste of World culture. Midnight Breakfast is another fun night in Winslow and it takes place every semester during finals week. Since students stay up late studying, it has become a tradition for the faculty and staff of the university to stay up late as well and reward the students a late night breakfast. Seeing your favorite teachers in hair nets can make all the late hours worthwhile. Winslow has several themed dinners throughout the semester.
  • Those with busy academic schedules may want to visit the student center known as the Curris Center. Its handy location on campus, as well as its various dining options, make it a prime lunch spot. The T’Room is the main venue within the Curris Center and it offers a short order grill, salad bar, pizza station, deli, and more. Also located in the Curris Center is the newest dining service to Murray State, Sushi with Gusto. Next to Dunker’s Deli is a coffee shop selling Starbucks to sleepy students throughout the day known as the Thoroughbrewed Café. Another Thoroughbrewed Café can be found in the lobby of Hart College.
  • There are other dining options within the campus buildings, such as Starbooks in the library, and the Business Express in the Business Building. With so many options and locations, your rumbling stomach will be satisfied no matter where you are on campus.  Look out for Murray’s newest dining addition, the Pony Express; our very own food truck!
  • Wondering where you are going to live? Students at the university take up residence in one of our 8 Residential Colleges. The price is different depending on which residential college you live in. Check out the different options and rates here. Another option is College Courts, located right behind the residential colleges. This is a low-cost housing alternative is ideal for those who want to save money but still live within walking distance of their classes. 
  • Click on the links below to see details about each residence hall:

Health and Wellness

If you feel sick at any point of your stay in Murray, pay a visit to Health Services, located in Wells Hall. Health Services is staffed with a Nurse Practitioner as well as professional nurses throughout operational hours. There is also a physician on call and at the facility 6 hrs. a week. Most services are free for students.
There is also a Counseling Center for anyone needing a listening ear. Common issues they help with include homesickness, depression, and managing stress. Their services are completely confidential.

Sports and Recreation

Murray State University has several Division I competing sports teams. The strong athletics at MSU provide an opportunity for great athletes to come to MSU to learn and play on top teams. Scholarships are also available for some of our athletes.
Kentucky loves its basketball. At MSU, Racer Basketball is taken very seriously. Our OVC champion team can be seen in action at any of the home games during the Spring, free of charge to Murray State Students. Become part of The Stampede, a student basketball fan club, and get prime seating in the student section. Fans also get together to tailgate before Racer Football games.
If you want to try your hand at some competitive sports, check out the intramural team sports in basketball, soccer, flag football, and many others. You can play with your residential college, for a greek organization, or even form your own team to dominate the field or court.
Murray State has several facilities for working on personal fitness.
The Carr Health building has several basketball courts, an indoor pool, racquetball courts, dance studios, and more. Groups can rent out the Carr Health building facilities free of charge.
Bauernfeind Recreation and Wellness Center
Not only does the Wellness center have state of the art equipment, basketball courts, locker rooms, and an Olympic sized swimming pool, but they also offer free classes such as cycling, zumba, line dancing, tai chi, and kickboxing. You can check out further recreational equipment from the wellness center as well.
Purcell Courts
If Tennis is your sport of choice, head to the Purcell Courts for a match. The Purcell courts are located across the soccer field from the Curris Center, in front of Regents and White Residential Colleges. In front of New Richmond and New Clark is another set of tennis courts as well as a recreational soccer field.


Murray offers Racer Routes as a free service which takes students to the main parts of the town of Murray. If you aren’t using a car to get around while you are here, this is a great option.
Many students use bicycles to get around campus and to some of the shopping districts near campus.
Students are also free to walk around. There are sidewalks making it easy to walk around the campus and residential dorms, and many stores and restaurants are also within walking distance.

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