Education Abroad Advising

We can help you determine how Education Abroad will help you achieve your academic, personal, and professional goals.  Come talk to us about narrowing down your program options, navigating the application process, and finding scholarships and funding for study abroad.

 Need General Questions Answered? Come on in!

Come to our office (179 Woods Hall) from 3pm to 4pm, Monday through Friday to talk to one of our student workers about general program questions, application questions, scholarships questions, or any other general questions you might have. 


Before your appointment

Narrow your options

  • Research available programs on the study abroad website. Your search should take location, time of year, and length of program into consideration, but your focus should remain on the academic fit for your study abroad with the major, minor, and university studies requirements you have remaining to fulfill for graduation.
  • Limit your options to a few programs that interest you and appear to fit your academic and personal requirements. Think about your personal goals for study abroad, such as independence, language fluency, a specific course fulfillment, or heritage-seeking goal. These aspects should also guide your search and help narrow your options.
  • Complete this form before coming to your appointment.

Prepare questions

  • Program questions: How do the programs you have chosen compare with each other academically, logistically, and financially? Are the programs you have chosen group programs or more independent programs and how do those compare? Can a friend participate in the same program?
  • Academic questions: How will the program count toward academic requirements for graduation? What specific courses are appealing on one program more so than another program? Is there a specific Faculty member you would like to study abroad with?
  • Financial questions: What is provided within the program fees for each program, such as flight, visa expenses, meals, specific excursions, and local transport passes? How will you pay for the program? When will payments be due? Are you eligible for Federal Financial Aid, i.e., Stafford Loans or Pell Grant? Do you have additional scholarship sources that will be able to contribute to the cost of the program? Have you saved from a local job or cut expenses elsewhere to save for the program expenses for your study abroad?
  • Additional concerns of yours or of your parents. Bring a list so you don’t forget anything.

Have patience

  • Remember that we may not always have all the answers and that we may have to direct you to someone else on campus, such as the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office or your Academic Advisor. 
  • It is a good idea to set up appointments with Financial Aid/Scholarships and your Academic Advisor around the same time as your Study Abroad Office advising appointment in order to get all of the information you will need to make a wise selection. 

 To schedule an appointment

  1. Find your Education Abroad Advisor based on your major
  2. Select an available appointment slot on his or her calendar below
  3. Please choose an appointment slot at least 24 hours in advance
  4. In the "Description" section: fill in your name, year in school, major, and any study abroad programs you are interested in
  5. You will receive a confirmation email from the Education Abroad Advisor

 Meet your Education Abroad Advisors


Robyn Pizzo

178 Woods Hall

(270) 809-2959


Undeclared majors and students with majors in the following areas

  • College of Education and Human Services


Steven Guns

176 Woods Hall

(270) 809-3861


Advisees: Students with majors in the following areas

  • Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business
  • Jesse D. Jones College of Science, Engineering and Technology
  • Hutson School of Agriculture
  • School of Nursing and Health Professions


 Jamie Booth
177 Woods Hall
Jamie Booth in front of Kamakura Buddha
Advisees: Students in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts



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