Reaffirmation Timeline

April 1, 2011 Overview of Reaffirmation Process to Murray State University Vice Presidents
April 11, 2011 Campus Leadership and Steering Team Orientation Luncheon
May 15, 2011 Team Leader Meetings Completed and Writers Selected
Summer 2011 Support Teams Begin on Communication, Web, Technology, Assessment and QEP
August 2011 Murray State University SACSCOC Reaffirmation Website Posted
August 12, 2011 Presentation to Faculty and Staff at 'Back to School' Meetings
August 15, 2011 Presidential Appointment Letters Sent to Writers
August 25, 2011 Campus Press Releases Announcing Reaffirmation Initiative
September 2, 2011 Steering Team Leaders and Writers Orientation
September 2, 2011 Phased in Organization of Standards Begins
September 2011 Presentations to Administrative Council, Academic Deans/Directors, Faculty Senate, Staff Congress, and SGA
October 2011 Meeting with Campus Wide Administrators
December 1, 2011 Internal Audits for Each Standard Due to MSU Reaffirmation Office
March 1, 2012 All Outlines from Writers of Each Standard Due to Team Leaders
June 2, 2012 Overview of Reaffirmation to the Murray State University Board of Regents
June 4, 2012 Campus Leadership Orientation Meeting at SACSCOC Headquarters
September 2012 Update to Administrative Council, Deans' Council, Faculty Senate, Staff Congress, and SGA
December 14, 2012 Completed Narratives Due to MSU Reaffirmation Office
January 22-24, 2013 Site Visit for Level Change [DNP] by SACSCOC Reviewers
January 24-25, 2013 Advisory Visit to Campus by SACSCOC Staff
February-March 2013 Team Leaders Meet to Review Narratives [Except Financial Standards]
April-June 2013 Final Report Work
May 2013 Critique by Internal Reviewers
July-August 2013 Finalization of Documentation I Technology Linkages
September 10, 2013 Compliance Certification Due to SACSCOC
Fall 2013 Review of Compliance Certification by Off-Site Review Teams
January 13, 2014 Focused Report (from off-site review) and Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Submitted to SACSCOC
January 21, 2014 Provost Council Meeting
February 3, 2014 Meeting with Dr. Miller for SACS Update
February 4, 2014 Administrative Council and Faculty Senate Meetings
February 19, 2014 Host Team Meetings
February 19, 2014 Staff Congress Meeting
February 24-27, 2014 On-Site Review Committee to Visit Murray State University Campus
December 2014 Determination of Reaffirmation at Annual SACSCOC Meeting

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