Fire Safety

Smoke, fire or an explosion in a building shall warrant activation of the nearest fire pull station which is located near an outside exit.

  1. Call MSU Police at 911.  Immediately evacuate the building using established evacuation routes.  Do not use elevators.
  2. If possible, provide assistance to mobility-impaired individuals.  If this is not possible, or if anyone is injured, call MSU Police at 911.  Provide the location to arriving emergency services (fire, police, etc.) of physically-impaired individuals sheltered in the building.
  3. Do not attempt to extinguish the fire.
  4. Once outside the building, account for all building occupants at the designated meeting area.
  5. Do not re-enter the building or leave the campus unless advised to do so by the building coordinator, department chair or MSU Police.
  6. Give any known details of the alarm or fire to arriving emergency personnel.
  7. Report damage to Facilities Management at 4291.

Video of a live burn of a mock dorm room at MSU - click below to open video link



Open Flame Policy

Open Flame Permit