The Payroll office is responsible for:

* payroll tax with holdings and W2 form preparation
* developing payroll schedules
* processing year-end tax forms
* processing hourly paid employee time reports
* processing monthly paid employee leave reports


Payroll Staff

Stephanie Jennings, Assistant Director, General Accounting
Phone - (270) 809-4170

Michelle Clark, Payroll Manager
Phone - (270) 809-4175

Kayla Gachoka, Assistant Payroll Manager
Phone - (270) 809-6309

Diane Blakely, Accounting Assistant I
Phone - (270) 809-4174

Katie Dowdy, Payroll Specialist
Phone - (270) 809-6350

June Welter, Payroll Assistant
Phone - (270) 809-4174

Tina Sharp, Accounting Specialist
Phone - (270) 809-4129


*Cellular Services Stipend Authorization
Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) Access Request
*Fringe Benefit Form
*K4 - KY Income Tax Deduction Form
*Labor Redistribution
*Late Leave Report for Unreported Absences
*Late Timesheet Request
*Leave Report Correction Form
*Payroll Proxy for Time/Leave Reporting
*Stop Payment Request (pdf)
Timesheet Correction
*W4 - Federal Income Tax Deduction Form

 Procedures & Other Info

*EPAF Cheat Sheet FAQ
*EPAF Originator Instructions for a Student Job
*EPAF Originator Instructions for First Hire Students
*EPAF Originator Instructions for Graduate Assistant PAs
*EPAF Instructions for Approvers
*EPAF Instructions for Viewing Originator Summary
*EPAF Originator Instructions for Creating Default Routing Queue
*EPAF Originator Instructions for Pay Change
*EPAF Instructions for Approving as a Proxy
*How to Receive Your W-2 Electronically
*W-2 Notice To Employees
*Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule 2015
*Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule 2016
*Bi-weekly Payroll Google Calendar 2016
*Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule 2017
*Cellular Services Stipend Procedure
*December 2011 Campus Communication-Cell Phone
*Direct Deposit Instructions
*Electronic W-2 Printing Instructions
*Employee Leave Balance Instructions (PEALEAVE)
*FY17 Benefits Calculation Chart (pdf)
*Job Approver/Proxy Information
*Late Leave and Time Report Penalties
*Leave Report Approval Instructions
*Leave Report Instruction for "No Time Taken"
*Leave Report Submission Instructions
*Monthly Payroll Schedule 2015
*Monthly Payroll Schedule 2016
*Monthly Payroll Schedule 2017
*"No Time Taken" Monthly Reporting Instructions
*Online Time Card/Leave Report FAQ
*Reporting "No Leave Taken" FAQ
*Reporting "No Leave/Time Taken" Instructions 
*Time Sheet Training General Session Slides
*Web Time Entry Instruction Manual