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Safe Zone Project

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The Safe Zone Project, through education, advocacy, visibility, and skill development, supports faculty and staff to become allies for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students and colleagues. The Project is designed to radically reduce prejudice and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression at Murray State University by creating a safe and affirming campus. The Safe Zone symbol sends a message that the person or unit displaying it has decided to be an active and visible ally, can be trusted to maintain confidentiality, and will respond to the individual with understanding, support, and empathy.  A national program, the "safe zone" project works to spread awareness about the importance of diversity appreciation and tolerance for all people.  If you are interested in participating in the Safe Zone Project or if you have questions about the program, please contact Jody Cofer Randall at 809-5040 or Dr. Josh Adair at 809-4540.


If you are a FACULTY/STAFF member and would like to participate in the Project, please fill out the form

If you are a STUDENT EMPLOYEE and would like to participate in the project, please fill out the form.

Participant Training Sessions:

Fall 2014 Opportunities TBD

    Previous Training Opportunities:

    Safe Zone Project Participants

    (Updated frequently: As of 4/21/14)


    UNIT PARTICIPANTS (all offices/individuals are participants - individuals in these units are not named in the list that follows)

    • Art and Design, Contact: Chair ZB Smetana
    • Division of Student Affairs (Includes: Adventures in Math and Sciences, Campus Recreation, Career Services, Center for Student Involvement, University Counseling Services - Women's Center, Counseling Center, and Testing Center, Dining Services, First Year Experience, Greek Affairs, Health Services, Housing and Residence Life, Judicial Affairs, LGBT Programming, Multicultural Affairs/Mills Center, Post Office, Office of Recruitment, Retention Office, Scholarship Office, Student Financial Aid, Student Government Association, Student Organizations, Student Support Services, Undergraduate Admissions, University Store, and Wellness Center), Contact: Vice President Don Robertson
    • English and Philosophy, Contact: Chair Staci Stone
    • Psychology, Contact: Chair Patricia Long
    • Regents Residential College, Contacts: College Head Cynthia Gayman and Residence Director Derek Miller
    • Study Abroad Office, Contact: Associate Director for Education Abroad Melanie McCallon
    • University Libraries, Contact: Dean Adam Murray


    Last Name First Name Department/Office
    Alexander Constance Teacher Quality Institute
    Allen David
    Early Childhood and Elementary Education
    Allen Charley
    University Communications
    Baker  Sonya Music and Dean's Office, Humanities and Fine Arts
    Balthrop David Theatre
    Barnett Cindy Modern Languages
    Basile Michael Educational Studies, Leadership, and Counseling
    Martin Political Science and Sociology
    Beahan Charlotte History
    Beaver Jeanne Art and Design
    Beck Ann Political Science and Sociology
    Bloomdahl Susana Educational Studies, Leadership, and Counseling
    Bock Heather
    Organizational Communication
    Bodevin Leon Modern Languages and Richmond College
    Bolin Duane History
    Bowland Lea Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA)
    Bradley Matthew
    St. John's Episcopal Church (Campus Minister)
    Brantley Amanda
    Community Leadership and Human Services
    Brookhiser Judy Wellness and Therapeutic Sciences
    Brown Barry Economics and Finance
    Brown Meg Modern Languages
    Brown Ted Dean's Office, Humanities and Fine Arts
    Byrd Scott  Political Science and Sociology
    Callahan Kathy History
    Campbell Misty 
    Adolescent, Career, and Special Education
    Campoy  Renee Dean's Office, College of Education
    Cansler Slone
    Hopkinsville Regional Campus
    Chavis Llena Health Sciences and Human Services
    Chen Si Computer Science
    Choate Gloria Institutional Research
    Cofer Randall
    Jody Undergraduate Research & LGBT Programming
    Coleman Crystal
    Organizational Communication and Elizabeth College
    Crocker Jen
    Lowry Center / Library
    Crofton John Physics and Engineering
    Crouch Lauren
    Training Resource Center
    D'Ambrosio Mike Music
    Derting Terry Biology
    Doering Natalie Health and Physical Education
    Donnelly Rob
    Mathematics and Statistics
    Duffy Cami Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA)
    Duncan Renae Provost's Office
    Dunham Marty Educational Studies, Leadership, and Counseling
    Ebert Reika Modern Languages
    Erikson Debra Early Childhood and Elementary Education
    Evans Jessica
    Applied Health Sciences
    Evans Misty  Basic Ed.
    Ferreira Bertus Criminal Justice
    Field Tana Music
    Freels Mike
    Henderson Regional Campus
    Fuller Claire Biological Sciences
    Galloway Mark Institute for International Studies
    Ganley Scott
    Hopkinsville Regional Campus
    Garfinkel Sandra Development
    Garrett Mica
    Modern Languages
    Gayman Cynthia
    English and Philosophy and Regents College
    Gierhart Greg Early Childhood and Elementary Education and Hart College
    Glover Tom Political Science and Sociology
    Graham-Schneider Lissa Theatre
    Graves Paige
    Organizational Communication
    Greer Bobbie Continuing Ed
    Grieves Justin Mathematics and Statistics
    Gutwirth Sarah Art and Design
    Hanan Angi Theater
    Hand Nicole Art and Design
    Hansen Jacqueline Early Childhood and Elementary Education
    Hatakeyama Yoko Modern Languages
    Hedges Joe Journalism and Mass Communications
    Higginson Bonnie College of Education
    Hilton Marjorie History
    Hobbs Marcia Nursing
    Hudnall Katie Art and Design
    Jaggers Jason Applied Health Sciences
    Johnsonius Linda Center for Undergraduate Business Advising
    Joiner Lisa
    Hopkinsville Regional Campus
    Jones Jayme
    University Communications
    Jones Matt
    Karim Tracy 
    English as a Second Language
    Kearney Barbara Nursing
    Kemp Vicki Institute for International Studies
    King Brandi Early Childhood and Elementary Education
    Lochte Kate WKMS
    Locke Scott Music
    Martin Robert Biological Sciences
    Mateja Sally
    Institutional Review Board
    McCutchen Pat Political Science and Sociology
    McNeely Bonnie MGT/MKT/Business Admin
    McNeely Sam MGT/MKT/Business Admin
    McReynolds Derrick
    Messer Neal Modern Languages
    Miller Fred MGT/MKT/Business Admin, Global Studies Program
    Miller Tim President's Office
    Mitchell Christopher
    Morgan Janice Modern Languages
    Muenzberg John
    Humanities and Fine Arts
    Mulligan Bill History
    Munke Peggy Social Work
    Murray Lilia
    Center for Teaching, Learning, & Technology 
    Ortega Heidi Theatre
    Patel Samir Educational Studies, Leadership, and Counseling
    Patterson Lynn Early Childhood and Elementary Education
    Pearson Kelly Jeanne Mathematics and Statistics
    Perlow Michael Nursing
    Phillipy Darryl Theater
    Pitman Tiffany
    CEAO - Training Resource Center
    Pizzo David History
    O'Neal Evan Adventures in Math and Science
    Rashid Taufiq History
    Rea Stephanie Music
    Reed Mary Tripp Economics and Finance
    Richerson Ginny
    Adolescent, Career, and Special Education
    Roe Lori
    Institutional Research
    Saint Paul Therese Modern Languages
    Schrock Peggy Art and Design
    Smetana ZB
    Art and Design
    Smith Ramona Comp. Science and Information Systems
    Smith Sarah Art and Design
    Sneed Tony
    Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA)
    Spinda John Organizational Communication
    Steffa John Music
    Stone John
    Hopkinsville Regional Campus
    Strieter Terry History
    Swisher Eric Music
    Thomas Elizabeth PR, Advertising, and Social Media
    Thome Edward Mathematics and Statistics
    Thompson Linda Humanities and Fine Arts Dean's Office
    Tillson Lou Organizational Communication
    Totty Stephanie
    Center for Undergraduate Business Advising
    Traylor Courtney
    Student Assistant, Housing
    Trzepacz Angie University Counseling Services
    Trzepacz Chris
    Biological Sciences
    Utgaard Bentley Office of Regional Outreach
    Utgaard John Art and Design
    Waag Mike Modern Languages
    Wagner Mindy
    University Communications
    Webb Caroline
    English as a Second Language
    Weber Carolyn
    Adolescent, Career, and Special Education
    Watters Amy
    Bursar's Office
    Williams Jenilee
    Organizational Communication
    Williams Pat Agriculture
    Wylie Jeffrey Social Work
    Young Jennifer Recruitment

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