Program Administration

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LGBT Program Coordinator

Jody Cofer Randall
226b Wells Hall

President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion


LGBT Programming Advisory Committee (Student members have one year terms and alumni/faculty/staff have two year terms. The Committee’s role shall be to: Advise the Coordinator with the planning, developing, and implementing LGBT programming; Assist in the coordination of the program’s activities with other campus units; and Serve as ambassadors to the broader University community for the program’s activities.)


  • Morgan Randall and Sam Green, Representing MSU Alliance (2015)
  • Jo Bennett, Representing Eracer (2015)
  • Norman Franklin, Student Government Association (2015)

An additional student has been requested to represent Black Student Council on the Advisory Committee.


  • Will Hansen, J.D. (2002 alumnus) (2016)


  • Dr. Josh Adair, ENG/PHI, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Gender and Diversity Studies (2016)
  • Dr. Kathy Callahan, HIS, Assistant Professor (2016)
  • Dr. Jana Hackathorn, PSY, Assistant Professor (2015)
  • Joe Hedges, JMC, Lecturer and Advisor to The Murray State News and (2015)
  • Dr. Peggy Munke, Social Work, Interim Program Director (2016)

Staff (and/or Administration)

  • Charley Allen, University Communications, Web Manager (2015)
  • Dr. Renae Duncan, Provost’s Office, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education (2016)
  • Judy Lyle, Health Services, Associate Director (2015)
  • Dr. Angie Trzepacz, Counseling Services, Director (2016)

Graduate Intern

Derek Miller

Undergraduate Student Assistant

Tyler Davis


Planning, Assessment, and Select Recommendations, etc.