Program Administration

LGBT Coordinator

Jody Cofer Randall
226b Wells Hall

Jody Cofer Randall coordinates the Office of LGBT Programming at Murray State University (MSU). She is the vice chair of the MSU President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion. Cofer Randall chairs of the Heartland CARES, Inc. Board of Directors, as well as the City of Murray Human Rights Commission. She serves on the national Equality Federation Board of Directors. In 2013, Cofer Randall received the MSU President's Award for Diversity and Inclusion and in 2011 Cofer Randall received an MSU Staff Excellence Award. Cofer Randall is an alumnus of MSU and has been employed by the institution since the fall semester of 2001.

LGBT Programming Advisory Committee

Student members have one year terms and alumni/faculty/staff have two year terms. The Committee’s role shall be to: Advise the Coordinator with the planning, developing, and implementing LGBT programming; Assist in the coordination of the program’s activities with other campus units; and Serve as ambassadors to the broader University community for the program’s activities.

Morgan Randall, Representing MSU Alliance (2015)
Jo Bennett, Representing Eracer (2015)

Jim Burress (2017)
Will Hansen, J.D. (2016)

Dr. Josh Adair, ENG/PHI, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Gender and Diversity Studies (2016)
Dr. Kathy Callahan, HIS, Assistant Professor (2016)
Dr. Jana Hackathorn, PSY, Assistant Professor (2015)
Joe Hedges, JMC, Lecturer and Advisor to The Murray State News and (2015)
Dr. Peggy Munke, Social Work, Interim Program Director (2016)

Staff (and/or Administration)
Charley Allen, University Communications, Web Manager (2015)
Dr. Renae Duncan, Provost’s Office, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education (2016)
Kim Paschall, Health Services, Director (2017)
Dr. Angie Trzepacz, Counseling Services, Director (2016)

Assessment Reports

Assessment Report 12-13
Assessment Report 13-14

Annual Reports

LGBT Programming Snapshot 2013-2014




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