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When might you need an advocate?

We offer advocacy to ALL Murray State students.   The Coordinator serves as the on-campus advocate for MSU students.  Our goal is to:

  • Ensure that survivors have the information and support they need to make decisions about how to move forward, however, they choose
  • Explain that the decision to report or not to report is the survivors choice
    • If you choose not to report, the coordinator will file an anonymous CSA report to the Public Safety in compliance with Clery Act obligations. 
    • Survivors will be given the opportunity to see the report before it is made so that they know exactly what information is shared.
    • We WILL NOT disclose names and identifying information, unless you specifically request this action.


What does the advocate do?

Available to meet either before or after a meeting with other university officials:
  • Explain the reporting process and reporting options
  • Discuss your rights and responsibilities
Serve as the liaison between the student and other administrative offices.
  • Help you prepare for meetings with Title IX, Public Safety, Student Affairs, or other administration.
  • Attend meetings with you as a support person.
Help the student follow up.
  • You will receive a lot of information during the reporting process.  We assist students in keeping up with next steps and follow up with the various parties who are involved.
Assist the student in connecting with support resources.
  • Connect you to on and off campus counseling services
  • Locate support services in your hometown for support while you are away from campus
  • Connect you with legal advocates and health advocates
Assist the student in disclosing the violence to family, partners, and loved ones.
  • We can help students prepare to speak with their loved ones about what they are going through. This can be a difficult conversation and we can help you get started on how to have it.

Women's Center Advocacy

Contact: Abigail French
Phone: 270-809-3016
Office: C102 Applied Science Bldg