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When might you need advocacy?

Filing a report, whether on campus or off, can be a stressful process.  The goal of an advocate is to help the victim navigate that process more smoothly and to serve as a support to the student throughout the process. It can be difficult to know who to contact, what questions to ask, and what information you might need.  An advocates role is to give you the information you need to make informed decisions about reporting and to help you get the information and support you need throughout the process.

For General Advocacy and Campus Policy Questions:

Women's Center Advocacy

Contact: Abigail French
Phone: 270-809-3016
Office: C103 Applied Science Bldg
The Women’s Center Director can serve as an advocate for students who wish to engage the on-campus judiciary process.  Students who choose to file a grievance on campus can contact the Women’s Center to serve as a support.  As an advocate for the student, the Women’s Center Director will answer questions about the on campus policies and procedures, help students contact the appropriate offices, attend meetings with the student to help ensure that policies and procedures are being followed, and can help to keep the student updated on the progress of their case. 


For Sexual Violence Advocacy:

Purchase Area Sexual Assault Center

For free, confidential legal advocacy see the Purchase Area Sexual Assault Center page.


For Relationship Violence Advocacy:

Merryman House Campus Advocacy

Merryman House