Its On Us

When might you need advocacy?

The Women’s Center Coordinator serves as the on-campus advocate for MSU students.  We serve MEN and WOMEN. Our goal is to ensure that students have the information and support they need to make decisions about how to move forward, past sexual assault in a way that is healthy for them. We provide advocacy and support to students by:
    • educating students about their rights as survivors
    • explaining reporting options in an unbiased and confidential setting,
    • connecting students to counseling and other support services,
    • helping students file a report with law enforcement or Title IX,
    • accompanying students to meetings with law enforcement, Title IX, and other campus officials,
    • assisting the student in getting updates on the status of their report,
    • assisting students in disclosing assault to loved ones, family members, partners, etc.

Women's Center Advocacy

Contact: Abigail French
Phone: 270-809-3016
Office: C102 Applied Science Bldg