Assessment and Planning

TRIPLE I Planning Goals for 2012-2013

GOAL 1 (Innovation): Develop a comprehensive marketing plan for The Division of Student Affairs to inform the campus community and parents of services available to assist students and meet their needs.

OBJECTIVE 1: Partner with University marketing Office to develop a plan of action and time line. Overall theme developed and bench marks established to target audiences. Summer materials developed and distributed. Meet with Faculty at colleges meetings. Campus wide materials distributed. Mailings to parents and students. Parent newsletter developed and distributed. Results will be measured by increased visits by students to Student Affairs Office,visits to University Counseling Services and increased Faculty/staff referrals. Parents will contact Office earlier in the semester if they have concerns over their students performance rather than waiting until the end of the semester.

GOAL 2 (Outreach): Establish a development plan and time line for the Division of Student Affairs.

OBJECTIVE 2: Student Affairs staff will attend a Development/ fund rasing workshop. Staff in the Development Office and Student Affairs will meet and develop a strategy and plan( first meeting October,2012). A liaison from the Development Office will be appointed to partner/guide Student Affairs staff. Initial target groups will be identified.
Campaign will begin with pilot groups Spring 2013. Foundation Account will be in place by end of Spring Semester.
Summer and Fall plans with target groups will be in place for next series of contacts.