Search Committee

Sidney Anderson     Student
Kim Bellah    Associate Professor Hutson School of Agriculture
Kevin Binfield    Professor English & Philosophy
Misty Evans    Lecturer Continuing Education and Academic Outreach
Kathy Farmer     Assistant Professor University Libraries
Kathy Farrell    Associate Professor School of Nursing
David Fender  Professor Occupation Safety & Health
Renee Fister    Professor Math & Statistics
Rory Goggins    Assistant Professor English & Philosophy
Marcia Hobbs    Dean School of Nursing
Matt Kelly    Senior Assistant Athletic Director
Jamie Mantooth   Director Retention Services
Melanie McCallon    Associate Director Education Abroad - Institute for International Studies
Debbie Owens    Associate Professor Journalism & Mass Communications
Murphy Smith Dill Distinguished Professor Bauernfeind College of Business
John Young    Administrative Assistant Telecommunications Systems Management
Chair - Jack Rose, Professor College of Education

If you desire additional information about the search or would like to nominate a candidate please send an email to or call Chair Jack Rose at 270-809-6849.