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For Academic Advisors
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For Academic Advisors

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For Academic Advisors

At the heart of Academic Advising are our Academic Advisors!  Approximately 300 faculty and professional academic advisors promote student success through advising and student support efforts.  Academic advisors are encouraged to use these resources to support their advising work.




Summer O Advisor Training: Online (Updated 05/14)


Advisor Resource Center (Accessed via Canvas)

Summer O Advisor Training Registration: Face-to-Face Training


Academic Advising:  Information You Need NOW!

January 2014 Issue

Transfer O Training (Updated 5/30/14)


Highlights from SP14 Hot Topics Advisor Trainings

Honors Students Advising Guide


Academic Advising Quick Links

Scheduling Basics for Summer (Updated 5/14)


RACR Degree Audit Information/Support

Registration 101 for Academic Advisors


15 to Finish (CPE Initiative)

Important Websites for Summer O


2013 Quick References

Summer O



VZ Orientation



AP Equivalencies


Dr. Barbara Cobb serves as the Coordinator

CLEP Equivalencies


for Academic Advising and leads the efforts

Modern Languages Placement


for academic advising training. To receive more

Transfer Equivalencies


assistance from Dr. Cobb, please contact her at

Transfer Center



“15 to Finish”


“Who to Contact” for each Summer O will be posted on the Academic Advising Website, For Advisors tab. Quick Links linked here




Advanced Scheduling


New Advisor Training (Oct. 2013)


Experienced Advisor Training (Oct. 2013)






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