Dr. Fred Miller


The Tom W. Hutchens Endowed Professorship
  • Publication of 19 Business GIS SpatiaLABS in the SpatiaLAB series published by ESRI Press;
  • Redesign of two new Business GIS courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels;
  • Received ESRI Education ArcGIS for Organizations grant to develop RacerGISOnline.org as an organizational portal for Murray State University;
  • Developed and, with the help of seven departmental colleagues, implemented the RacerGISOnline system with a concentration on eight modules for using Business GIS in various marketing courses;
  • Won the Society for Marketing Advances Cengage Teaching Competition with an innovation based on the RacerGISOnline system.
  • Participated in GIS education activities that were recognized by Esri with a Special Achievement in GIS Award in July 2013,
  • Completion of seven Business GIS projects with regional and university clients using student project and program resources;
  • Published, with several colleagues, two refereed journal articles related to Business GIS and eCommerce technologies in marketing;
  • Served on the Business Geography Curriculum Development Task Force of the Business Geography SIG in the American Association of Geographers.
  • Presented programs relative to Business GIS, GIS in the social sciences and teaching with GIS at several state, regional and national conferences or workshops; and
  • Acquired and installed the latest version of Business Analyst and ArcGIS Online for Organizations software in College of Business and TSM teaching labs.

By developing Integrated Business GIS teaching, research and service capabilities at Murray State, we can prepare our students for new career opportunities with global organizations while simultaneously supporting our growing commitment to entrepreneurship and regional stewardship. We are among the first universities in the world to utilize this opportunity, which further enhances Murray State’s reputation as an innovative, high quality institution.

Curriculum Vitae

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