College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Budget Review Team - College of Humanities and Fine Arts


Preliminary Report to the Board of Regents


Friday, Nov. 16th.  We discussed how the college budget works and outlined the major sources of revenue as well as usual expenses.


The CHFA BPRT met on Friday and completed program ratings of all major undergraduate and graduate programs in the college except for Liberal Arts; due to the unique, hybrid, cross-campus (fields are in several academic colleges) and piggyback nature of this program (it is 95% completed through other major programs, having only an 099 and Senior Seminar class to itself, and thus is extremely low-cost), it was decided after some discussion that it was not appropriate to rate this major separately.


The CHFA BPRT met to discuss application of the rubric criteria and the types of data needed therefor.  Committee members will soon begin individual program ratings and will come together to develop group ratings at our next meeting on Friday, Nov. 2nd.


The CHFA BPRT met on Friday, Sept. 7th, from 2:30-4:30 p.m.  We discussed the context and purposes of the budget review, the nature of our work, and the ways we would work together as a committee.  We also began discussion of how we would define programs. The team met again today, Sept. 21st, from 2:30-4:15 and were joined by staff regent Phil Schooley.  The main order of business was discussion of and agreement upon a rubric to be used for the Program Review portion of our work.  We also decided to define programs basically by CIP codes and to save discussion of minors until the later efficiency review because those programs carry no or very few associated costs.  The next meeting will be Friday, Sept. 28th, at which time we will begin applying our fabulous new rubric to the programs we have identified.

Team Members

Jim Clinger

Reika Ebert

Jim Humphreys

Brent Menchinger

Michael Morgan

Z. B. Smetana

Alyssa Schloss

Eric Swisher

Linda Thompson

Dan Wann

Sonya Baker

David Balthrop

Bill Cassie 

Dick Dougherty

Trish Long

Staci Stone

Terry Strieter

Pam Wurgler

Ted Brown (Chair)