Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board is composed of 15 chairpersons with committees who plan and promote activities for students and the community. The chairpersons are students appointed by SGA each spring and the Residential College Activities chair, which is elected in the spring. All members must maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average while in office.  Activities provided by the CAB include concerts, lectures, comedy and musical acts, the Ms MSU Pageant, Homecoming parade and events, spontaneous events in the Curris Center, multicultural events, freshman and spring weeks, plus much more.



Multi-Cultural Awareness- To produce programs that bring people of all backgrounds together. Working with other organizations is an option.  The possibilities of this position are endless.

Ms. MSU Scholarship Pageant- Responsible for coordinating all details of the pageant experience for contestants, participants, and patrons. The Miss MSU Pageant is meant to be done as professionally as possible to give Murray State a chance to show the public some of the quality women we have to offer.

Ms.MSU Pageant 2015 

MsMSULeft to right Kevyn Ann Cunningham, 2nd runner up and Most Photogenic; Mary Dodd- 1st runner up; Tanelle Smith-MS MSU; Amanda Hobson, 3rd runner up; Olivia Perkins, 4th runner-up; and Monika Saurer, MS Congeniality.

Homecoming/Murray Madness- The position is a dual position that coordinates two of the biggest events that that CAB does.  In the fall the chair is in charge of all SGA Homecoming Events, including the parade and the election of Homecoming King and Queen.  In the spring, the position is in charge of Murray-Madness, which is a one day event that is typically outdoors. The day usually has a theme and is scheduled the Monday before SGA elections.

MSU Homecoming - Fall 2013

Innovative Acts-Provides the students with free events that are mainly for entertainment value. These events can be done in the Curris Center, Winslow, or anywhere else on campus. The chair will also work with entertainment agents to bring acts to campus. The chair will use a combination of creative inexpensive ideas along with contracted agents throughout the year.

Showcasing-Is in charge of recruiting talented students across Murray State that wish to showcase their talent (music, comedy, etc.) to the student body. Good places for these events could be in Winslow and/or the T-Room.

Lectures-Coordinate fun and educational lectures for the students of Murray State.  Many times this chair works with other academic departments or organizations to encourage participation among the students.

Bill Nye Lecture - Spring 2014 

Concerts- The chair is in charge of all aspects of any concert CAB has on campus.  They will be responsible for seeking out student opinions of concerts and making an informed decision on what types of concerts SGA will sponsor.


Chase Rice Concert - Spring 2014

Membership-Communicates with all members of the CAB. He/she is the liason between the chairs of the committees and the members that wish to be involved on the committees. This position should also keep the chairs responsible for using there “committee members” for more than just working events.

RCA- To communicate to the CAB events that Residential College is planning and implementing. Keeps the RCA informed on the programs that CAB is planning.

Publicity Design (2)-To design fliers and other publicity ideas for all CAB events. The two designers will rotate different events and work together to make sure that all events are publicized.

Publicity Banner and Table Tents (1)- Responsible for painting banners to hang in the Curris Center two weeks before the scheduled event. This chair is responsible for creating table tents every month to publicize the upcoming month’s events and serves as a liaison between the CAB and local newspapers.

Non-Traditional/Commuter Students-Provides activities that would be appropriate for students who are non-traditional or commuters to campus. Some of the activities may be focused at the children/families and friends of the students.

Production Sound and Lights - Works on the technical side of concerts and programs.  In charge of setup of sound equipment for programs and loud-in/out of concert equipment.  Some experience is recommended.  If appointed, needs to meet with Curris Center Director to gain knowledge of the buildings sound equipment.