Residential College Council (RCC)

 The purpose of the RCC shall be to promote the following needs and rights of the members of James H. Richmond College:

  •  adequate facilities, 
  •  health and safety of its members, 
  •  academic and athletic events, 
  •  participatory governance, 
  •  respect, tolerance and acceptance of diversity, 
  •  fair and judicious treatment. 

College Head         
Dr. Bassam Atieh 

College Head Assistant
Elizabeth Lay 

Angela Barnett 

 Vice President      
David Spiller 

 Social Chair      
Cody Wood

Grant Koeniguer 

Freshman Representative 
Jaden Willhite

RCA Representative 
Alexis Ash 

SGA Representative
John Caleb Coomes

4th Floor Girls Wing Representative
Rebecca Robinson

Girls' Athletic Director
Brian Armstrong 

Boys' Athletic Director
Joshua Brenner