Resident Advisor Application

Murray State University
Housing/Residence Life
206 Stewart Stadium

Phone #:

Contact Person:
Derrick McReynolds - Assistant Director for Residence Education
Please note, you may NOT hold another job while employed as a Resident Advisor, except during times when school is not in session.
Please list your previous work experience, beginning with most recent.
Please list some activities, clubs, organizations, honoraries, offices and committees, intramurals, volunteer and/or community service you have been involved with.
Is there any reason you would NOT be able to attend RA workshop held in August and in Janurary prior to the beginning of each semester?
Please preference the college you would like to work/live in (with 1 being your first choice)
Please note that Lee Clark, James H. Richmond and Elizabeth have higher price rates than our other residence halls.
Briefly desribe the activities/experiences you have been involved with/had which will aid in effectively performing the job of a Resident Advisor.
How would the RA position contribute to your own personal and professional growth?
Please list three things that, as a staff member, you would like to accomplish to make the residential college an enjoyable, productive, rewarding place to live
From your personal perspective, what do you think are the three most important functions of a Resident Advisor
What do you perceive to be the greatest challenge in the residential colleges, and how would you approach this issue as an RA?
Pleae list thee activities, special interests, hobbies, etc., in which you have some 'expertise' with which you would be willing to share with college residents
The following statements are intended to cover primary guidelines of employment for residence hall staff. They are NOT inclusive of all residence hall staff responsibilities.
1) Period of employment begins with residence hall staff training about 7-10days prior to the first day of check-in in August until the date of closing the residence halls in May. Staff are expected to be the last to leave and the first to return at all major breaks during the academic year (Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, and Spring Break).
2) Staff members are expected to attend all staff training, staff meetings and development sessions provided.
3) Staff members are expected to remain registered, full-time students at MSU in good standing with a 2.5 cumulative GPA or better AND earn a 2.5 GPA or better each term of employment. Grades will be reviewed each semester by the Assistant Director for Residence Education.
4) Staff members are not permitted to hold another job, expect during break times.
5) Staff members are not permitted to hold a major office in an organization or rush/pledge during their first semester of employment.
6) Any incidents filed with Public Saftey will be reviewed and taken into consideration.