Reducing Food Waste


While you may know Winslow Dining Hall is an "all you care to eat" establishment, you may not realize what happens to the food on your plate you didn't consume. 

It goes into the garbage. That garbage goes to the landfill and the food within it rots.  Your mother would tell you to clean your plate because there are starving children in Ethiopia. We're not your mother (even though there are starving children in Ethiopia, and even in Kentucky - check out how you can help with the BackPack Program).  So, let's skip the guilt trip and get down to science.

When food decomposes it releases methane gas.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, methane is 20 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide.  Gases such as methane and carbon dioxide are labeled greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gases trap and keep heat in the atmosphere, creating the frightening phenomenon of global warming which, among many other things, has been credited with the demise of the Arctic and it's cuddly inhabitants.  OK, back to the guilt trip - clean your plate to save the penguins and polar bears whose habitat is being destroyed by global warming.  It doesn't have the same ring as "there are starving children in Ethiopia," but nonetheless.

Dining Services and Racer Hospitality has taken a responsible step to help reduce food waste by requiring patrons of Winslow Dining Hall to choose only one entree at a time.  If you would like to come back for more, by all means, eat and enjoy!  The idea is simply to not have a heaping plate of food go to waste.