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General Student Employment Application
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General Student Employment Application

Thank you for your interest in working for Dining Services!  To be eligible for employment as a Dining Services student worker, you must be enrolled at Murray State University.

Although student workers are scheduled in specific areas, all students are hired as general employees and will be asked to work in other positions as needed to accommodate the service needs of our customers.
Be detailed. Provide all hours you would be available to work, noting times you would prefer to work. We will assume the times you provide are when you will be able to actually clock in and out, so please allow time for travel to and from classes or home. Consider all other activities carefully; this availability may be the basis for a schedule in effect for the entire semester. *If you are applying for a future semester, and do not have an official schedule, please provide your best estimate.
Please list at least 3 present and/or most recent employers. This may include volunteer work.
Please be aware that students who work for Dining Services may come into contact with various foods and/or cleaning agents. If you have food or chemical allergies or sensitivities, use your best judgment in deciding whether to become an employee of Dining Services.

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