Meal Plan Rates

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Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

Freshmen and sophomore students living in the residential colleges must participate in a meal program. Freshmen students are required to purchase the Unlimited Plan, while sophomore students must purchase one of the Residential Plans. Junior and senior students may choose from any of the Residential or Commuter Plans. Questions concerning meal plans should be directed to the Dining Services Office at (270)809-3003.

Residential Plans  
Unlimited $1,701.00
Block (150 meals per semester + $300 Flex Dollars) $1,639.00
Block (175 meals per semester + $400 Flex Dollars) $1,701.00
Commuter Plans  
Bronze ($385 Flex Dollars) $374.00
Silver ($560 Flex Dollars) $530.00
Gold ($835 Flex Dollars) $790.00
Copper ($935 Flex Dollars) $915.00
Platinum ($1075 Flex Dollars) $1,014.00
Meal Bundle (10 Meals)  $65.00

Flex Dollars may be used in all campus dining venues.

Declining Balance

Students may elect to place money into Declining Balance. The Declining Balance may be used at any food service location. Freshmen and sophomore students may use declining balance in addition to their required meal plan purchase. Dollars may be carried over from one semester to the next. Refunds for Declining Balances are also available during the last two weeks of the semester or when the student leaves the university as long as the ending balance is $10 or more.

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