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Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

Freshmen and sophomore students who are not exempt from housing regulations by virtue of age, military service, or other approved exemptions must reside in university housing during the regular semesters. Anyone with fewer than 30 semester hours earned is classified as a freshman. Anyone with at least 30 hours but fewer than 60 hours earned is classified as a sophomore. Exemptions to this requirement must be obtained in writing and in advance of being notified of a housing assignment. Undergraduates, with the exception of seniors, who qualify for and accept the Regional Tuition Discount for out-of-state students are required to pay for university housing. All housing fees are applied to the student's account and payment is due in full at the beginning of each semester, unless the student has enrolled in the Murray State University Payment Plan. Housing questions should be directed to the Housing Office at (270)809-2310

Residential Colleges Double Room Private Room
Clark $3,003.00 $4,095.00
Elizabeth $2,621.00 $3,713.00
Franklin $2,184.00 $3,246.00
Hart $2,402.00 $3,494.00
Hester $2,621.00 $3,713.00
Regents $2,402.00 $3,494.00
Richmond $3,003.00 $4,095.00
Springer $2,184.00 $3,276.00
White $2,402.00 $3,494.00
College Courts Apartments Per Month Per Semester
One Bedroom $423 $2,250.00
Two Bedroom $487 $2,700.00

Any student who is a dependent child (23 years of age or younger) of a current MSU faculty or staff member may apply for a discount of $100 off Residential College rates.

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