External Scholarships

Undergraduate | Graduate | Doctoral

Murray State University honors external scholarships provided the scholarship will be issued payable to Murray State University and the following information is submitted to the Scholarship Office:

  • Student Name
  • Student M Number
  • Amount of Scholarship (1/2 will be credited for Fall & 1/2 will be credited for Spring)
  • Name of Scholarship
  • Name and phone number of Scholarship Contact Person
  • Scholarship billing address
  • List of any Scholarship Requirements or Stipulations
  • Notice of Scholarship Award (letter or certificate of award)

Upon receipt of check, half of the scholarship amount (unless documentation provides other disbursement requirement) will be deducted from the student's semester account balance.  Murray State will bill for the external Scholarship at the organization's request. The organization must provide information listed above. Scholarship payment must be received prior to refunding any refundable moneys.

Scholarships which will be paid directly to the student or payable jointly to the student and Murray State University, will be applied to the student account upon receipt of the Scholarship check payment with proper endorsement. 

When mailing all outside scholarship checks, please make sure to send the check, External form, and your student ID number to:

Bursar's Office
External Scholarships

Attn: Amy Watters
200 Sparks Hall
Murray, KY 42071

For more information about external scholarships - visit the Scholarship Office website.