GPA Calculator

CAUTION: This is unofficial information. Knowledge of MSU's grade and repeat policies are critical. For non-repeatable courses, the FIRST grade is marked out of GPA consideration. Be absolutely certain to check the catalog  for more information on the repeated course policy, other MSU grade policies and to learn more about  how to calculate your GPA.

Graduate grade point averages are vastly different from undergraduate GPA's, which include all undergraduate courses. Graduate GPA's are based on the courses listed on the Approved Program Form and are specific to that particular program. Graduate GPA's are not printed on the academic transcript.

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  1. To calculate your GPA: Enter the grade received in the class and number of credit hours of the class then click "Add Grade".
  2. To remove a grade from the calculated GPA: Click on the specific grade within the list box of added grades to highlight the grade you wish to remove and then click "Delete Grade". The student's GPA will be recalculated automatically.
  3. GPA hours are those which affect the GPA. Courses with grades of R, W, WP, P, or AU do not accumulate attempted hours. Courses with grades of E, WE, I, and X do affect the GPA so they have attempted hours even though no hours are earned.
    (GPA = Quality Points /GPA Hours)