University Study Electives

University Studies Program
 Murray State University asks students to share a common learning experience designed to ensure that they develop basic skills and become broadly educated in their own culture and traditions as well as the culture and traditions of others with whom they will interact during their lives. This attention to common knowledge and skills and this breadth of study are what distinguish a university education from other forms of postsecondary education. A common learning experience, here consisting of selected, required courses, as well as the other selected elective courses which compose University Studies, are designed to help students prepare for their whole lives — their civic duties, their leisure time, and their working hours. 
University Studies required courses offer students a common experience that is coherent and comprehensive, one which stresses the development of important personal and interpersonal learning skills of writing, speaking, critical reading and thinking, and logical argumentation. These courses also help students acquire the historical, cultural and ethical knowledge and awareness necessary to be an educated person and an informed citizen able to be a lifelong learner.  

University Studies course list