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At CyberCave our GPS module introduces students to the basic concepts of latitude and longitude, and then builds upon those basics to inform students about GPS systems and how they function. This activity includes basic instructions on use of handheld GPS devices, and how they can be used effectively in today's society. This activity involves being outdoors and plenty of walking. Bring comfortable shoes and other temperature appropriate clothing and accessories to comply with the weather. (This module can only be executed if weather permits.)


Our Encoding module introduces basic methods of communications using encoding techniques such as Morse code and the use of heliographs. Students involved in this module will learn how specific methods of encoding function, examples of this include using heliographs to communicate over long distances and if weather is not permitting the activity will be moved indoors and will be scaled down with the use of flashlights.


The Routing module introduces understanding of basic IP addressing then builds on the students’ knowledge about modern networking devices, their purpose, and how they function. This is an indoor activity, no special clothing or accessories needed.


The CyberCave Security module introduces students to software and tools used to test the security of networks and systems. These tools will be used to reveal exploits in a lab environment, allowing the students to hone their skills.  We will present a Steganography activity that introduces students to an array of software and methods to aid them in the hiding of data within media and encrypting data on drives making data inaccessible to unwanted users. This is an indoor activity, no special clothing or accessories needed.

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