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Civil Engineering Technology
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Civil Engineering Technology

Civil Engineering graduates are employed throughout the United States in a wide variety of jobs ranging from family owned businesses to some of the tope construction companies in the country.  With a degree in civil engineering technology, students will be qualified to begin a career as a project manager, construction project engineer, designer, estimator, material tester, field engineer, or surveyor.

Civil Engineering Technology serves the basic needs of society through the planning, design and construction of buildings, highways, bridges, water and waste distribution and treatment systems.

The Civil Engineering Technology program provides students with experiences in:

  • Surveyings
  • Scheduling
  • Cost Estimating
  • Transportation Planning
  • Computer Aided Design and Drawing
  • Construction Methods and Materials
  • Structural Steel and Reinforced Concrete Design
  • Sustainability and Environment Design Construction

Career Outlook

The civil engineering technology program prepares graduates for a wide variety of positions in the building industry. Typical job titles include:
  • Surveyor
  • Inspector
  • Estimator
  • Scheduler
  • Field Engineer
  • Material Tester
  • Design Technology
  • Construction Sales Representative

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