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 Wildlife Careers in Kentucky

Below are examples of various careers in Kentucky you can pursue with a degree in Wildlife Biology from Murray State Universities.  There are similar positions in other states and with the federal government, but requirements may be different.  Be sure to check with the agency your are most interested in for their requirements.



SALARY (MIN-MID): $2,427.44 - $3,215.72

As a Wildlife Biologist I, you will performs beginning professional level biological work in connection with the research and management of wildlife; and performs other duties as required.

EDUCATION: Graduate of a college or university with a bachelor's degree. Transcript review must indicate that the following course work has been earned at the undergraduate or graduate level:

  • Biological Sciences: 36 semester hours in biological sciences are required and must include courses in the following subcategories; Wildlife Management: 6 semester hours in courses emphasizing the principles and practices of wildlife management; Wildlife Biology: 6 semester hours in courses in the biology and behavior of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians; Ecology: 3 semester hours in courses in general plant or animal ecology; Zoology: 9 semester hours in courses in the taxonomy, biology, behavior, physiology, anatomy and natural history of vertebrates and invertebrates; Botany: 9 semester hours in courses in general botany, plant genetics, plant morphology, plant physiology or plant taxonomy. Physical Sciences: 9 semester hours in physical sciences such as chemistry, physics, geology or soils, with at least 2 disciplines represented.
  • Quantitative Sciences: 9 semester hours in quantitative sciences that must include; Basic Statistics: 3 semester hours in basic statistics; Quantitative Sciences: 6 semester hours in calculus, biometry, advanced algebra, systems analysis, mathematical modeling, sampling, computer science or other quantitative science.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences: 9 semester hours in humanities and social sciences, such as economics, sociology, psychology, political science, government, history, literature or foreign language.
  • Communications: 12 semester hours in courses designed to improve communication skills such as English composition, technical writing, journalism, public speaking or use of mass media.
  • Policy, Administration and Law: 6 semester hours in courses that document significant content or focus on natural resource policy and/or administration, wildlife or environmental law or natural resource/land use planning will apply; as will courses that document contributions to the understanding of social, political and ethical decisions for wildlife or natural resource management.

SUBSTITUTING EDUCATION FOR EXPERIENCE: Certification by The Wildlife Society at the Associate Wildlife Biologist or Certified Wildlife Biologist level will substitute for the course requirements.  For additional information on The Wildlife Society visit  

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES AND TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Conducts surveys of wildlife populations. Prepares reports of findings.  Collects age and growth information in the field and at check stations.  Transports animals.  Performs beginning level management work with reference to wildlife populations.  Provides technical guidance to customers interested in managing wildlife habitat and/or populations.  Collects wildlife data in the field. Spends majority of time outdoors.  Must be able to traverse rough and mountainous terrain with equipment. Must be able to carry 25 lbs. of equipment several hundred yards.  Must be able to run, climb or otherwise protect self from wildlife such as elk and bear.  

 For additional requirements for KDFWR Wildlife Biologists, take a look at these documents.

KY Wildlife Biologist I

For the most current information on position requirements in Kentucky, visit Kentucky Careers.



SALARY (MIN-MID):$2,427.44 - $3,215.72

As a Conservation Educator I, you will perform beginning level work in the presentation of conservation education programs or outdoor skills programs; learns to teach and conduct conservation education programs or outdoor skills programs including hunter education courses, boating education courses, aquatic education courses, archery or other shooting skills courses; represents KDFWR at community events; and performs other duties as required.

EDUCATION: Graduate of a college or university with a bachelor's degree in a natural or physical science, education, recreation, or related field.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Must maintain a valid driver's license for the length of employment in this job.   Must obtain either a hunting or fishing license issued by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, a Hunter Education Card, and a certification in first aid and CPR during the first six months of employment. Must maintain certification for length of employment in this job.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES AND WORKING CONDITIONS: Learns procedures for arranging schedule of classes.  Learns to present lessons on conservation of natural resources, conservation education programs, and outdoor and shooting skills.  Provides instruction at conservation camps, or to the public, in outdoor and conservation related activities.  Learns to recruit, train and supervise interim employees, volunteers, and camp counselors.  Learns to prepare camp rosters and rosters of program students.  May distribute and receive applications to attend conservation camp, collect and deposit money orders from campers. Research literature, pertinent to conservation programs, outdoor skills, and shooting skills, in preparing lessons.  Learns how to prepare various reports and correspondence such as activity reports, budget reports, supply orders, and requests for information.  Learns to operate, maintain, and inventory large amounts of assigned equipment including firearms.  Learns and follows departmental rules, regulations, and policies. Work is performed in an outdoor classroom setting and on outdoor firing ranges.  Must be able to use firearms and archery equipment safely and proficiently, lift heavy objects, carry 25 pounds of equipment several hundred yards, and operate outdoors during inclement weather.  May work in residential camp setting with 200 campers per week.  Must be able to run, stoop, bend, push, pull, and lift heavy object or child from an unsafe place and traverse rugged terrain.


For additional requirements for KDFWR Conservation Educator, take a look at these documents. 

KY Conservation Educator I

KY Conservation Camp Counselor I

For the most current information on position requirements in Kentucky, visit Kentucky Careers.


SALARY (MIN-MID): $2,670.20 - $3,554.70    

Under direct supervision, enforces state and federal wildlife and boating laws and regulations and other criminal laws of the Commonwealth; and performs other duties as required.  

EDUCATION: An Associate degree or completion of 54 semester hours from a college or university.  

EXPERIENCE: Must have one year of Kentucky Division of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) law enforcement experience (typically gained as a Conservation Officer Recruit).  You may also substitute the one year of KDFWR experience for two years of experience in sworn law enforcement that includes making arrests for criminal activity and conducting criminal investigations OR two years of military service OR four years of experience working in wildlife resources, agriculture, natural resources or recreation will substitute for the required education on a year to year basis.


EXAMPLES OF DUTIES AND WORKING CONDITIONS: Patrols fields, forests, streams, rivers and lakes interpreting and enforcing state and federal wildlife and boating laws and regulations administered by the agency and other criminal laws of the Commonwealth. Observes activities and conditions and acts to prevent violations.   Issues citations to violators and makes arrests. Investigates accusations and/or complaints of illegal activity. Investigates known offenses, collects and preserves evidence. Assimilates, analyzes and records data which aid in identification, apprehension and prosecution of offenders and recovery of property. Prepares cases, presents evidence and serves as a witness in hearings and trials. Investigates and reconstructs boating accidents, conducts drowning investigations and performs rescue duties. Consults and gives advice to landowners on subjects such as wildlife depredation on crops and farm property, trespassing, hunting and fishing, and boating laws and regulations. Consults and advises citizens on all aspects of wildlife, hunting, fishing, boating, trapping and the conservation of land and water resources. Prepares materials and presents programs regarding hunting, fishing, boating and the agency's goals to youth and adult groups such as sports clubs, civic clubs and schools. Assists in other agency programs including fish and wildlife censuses, surveys and studies, investigation of wildlife damage complaints, habitat maintenance, public relations and informational activities. Monitors the licensing of various fish and wildlife-related activities such as pay lakes, pet permits, bait dealers, commercial guides and others. Prepares and maintains records and reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Operates various law enforcement equipment that includes: boats, motors, firearms, cameras, binoculars, two way radios and vehicles. Responsible for the basic maintenance and repair of such equipment.

Majority of time is spent outside. Conditions are consistent with other law enforcement officers. Must have the ability to run, swim, bend, stoop, lift, push and pull heavy objects and individuals.  Must be able to be trained in the use of weapons and defensive tactics and in the use of other law enforcement related equipment.  

For additional requirements for KDFWR Conservation Officers and Conservation Officer Recruits in Kentucky, take a look at these documents.

KY Conservation Officer I

KY Conservation Officer Recruit  

For the most current information on position requirements in Kentucky, visit Kentucky Careers.


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