Bachelor of Science in Biology

Career Outlook for Biology students (no specialization)

"General" Biology is the most flexible of our degree programs. Students take a suite of required courses that give them a strong background in all areas of Biology, then choose 3-4 additional upper level electives in areas of biology that especially interest them. Undergraduate Research credit hours may be used in place of one of these upper level courses. Students who obtain this degree often apply to work in research labs, become sales representatives in related fields (e.g., pharmaceutical or textbook sales), or go on to professional and graduate school. A brief list of additional occupations with a background in biology includes genetic counseling, biotechnology, conservation ecology, microbiology, toxicology, paleontology, herpetology, ecology, limnology, physiology, pharmaceutical sales representative and medical research. Most of these occupations require additional training at the M.S. or Ph.D. levels.

 Suggested Curriculum Outline, BS in Biology


Fall Year 1 Hrs. Spring Year 1 Hrs.
 BIO 100T Transitions  BIO 216 Biological Inquiry & Analysis
 BIO 115 The Cellular Basis of Life  CHE 202 General Chem & Quantitative Analysis 5
 CHE 201 General College Chemistry OR MAT 150 Algebra & Trigonometry  MAT 150 Algebra & Trigonometry OR MAT 250 Calculus & Analytical Geometry I 5
 ENG 105 Critical Reading, Writing & Inquiry    
COM 161 Introduction to Public Speaking 3    
Total 16 Total 14
Fall Year 2   Spring Year 2  
BIO 221 Zoology: Animal Form & Function 4 BIO 330 Principles of Ecology 4
BIO 222 Botany: Plant Form & Function 4 CHE 320 Organic Chemistry II 3
CHE 312 Organic Chemistry I & Lab 5 BIO XXX Biology Elective (300+ level) 4
CHE 201 World Civilization I OR CIV 202 World Civilization II 3 XXX XXX Global Awareness Elective 3
Total 16 Total 14
Fall Year 3   Spring Year 3  
BIO XXX Biology Elective (300+ level) 4 BIO 333 Genetics 4
BIO 305 Evolution 3 CHE 330 Basic Biochemistry 3
PHY 130/131 General Physics I & Lab 4 BIO XXX Biology Elective (300+ level) 4
HUM 211 The Western Humanities Tradition 3 XXX XXX Unrestricted Elective 3
 XXX XXX Unrestricted Electives    
 Total 17   Total  14
Fall Year 4   Spring Year 4  
BIO XXX Biology Elective (300+ level) 4 BIO 499 Senior Seminar 1
XXX XXX Social Studies Elective 3 XXX XXX electives to complete 42 hours  
XXX XXX Unrestricted Elective 4 of upper level credit (300+) and   
XXX XXX Ethics Elective (e.g., BIO 308) 3 120 total hours 14
Total 14 Total 15



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