Why Choose Sociology?

Why You Should Choose Sociology?

Here are a few quick reasons why you should choose Sociology as a major:

  • Recent Sociology graduates have the lowest unemployment rates out of all the social sciences (except Psychology) and humanities. Source: 2013 Georgetown Study "Hard Times: College Majors, Unemployment and Earnings."
  • A Sociology degree is a great foundation for graduate school not just in the social sciences, but also business and law graduate degrees (many law schools are moving towards more "Law and Society" curriculum which places Sociology majors at a clear advantage)*, as well as those in public and community health, and social work.
  • Sociology is both a flexible and fun degree. Most of our majors and minors are hooked in their first course and want to continue to take classes that are interesting and make them think. Additionally, our flexible curriculum makes Sociology one of the most popular double majors at Murray State. Generally, shifting up to the major from the minor only requires 3-4 more courses depending on the other major.
  • Finally, a Sociology degree prepares you for a successful career. Students place value on the fact that Sociology courses prepare them to enter a diverse and challenging job market. In a recent national survey Sociology students found the following skills very important to their future success: learning analytical and statistical methods, communicating well with others and within groups, understanding current social problems and trends, working in diverse environments, and engaging with community service and local issues.

The Sociology Program at Murray State is dedicated to promoting the academic understanding of the social world.  Whether the focus is upon interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, organizations, or societal processes such as globalization, our program provides students with the requisite knowledge and skills such that they can help address the problems of today and be active participants in the solutions.


The Sociology Program is a social science program oriented toward increasing the student's understanding of human society, the groups and institutions of which it is composed, and its impact on human beings. Sociology helps develop one's appreciation of diversity, love of learning, writing and study skills, as well as a knowledge base about human behavior, social research, social organization and culture.


Sociology is a potential major for students planning careers in such professions as law, business, education, and politics. Sociology provides a rich fund of knowledge directly concerning each of these fields. But rather than prepare the student for a narrow specialty, sociology prepares the individual for a lifetime of learning and change to meet the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly complex society.


The sociology program provides graduates with a solid foundation for their chosen careers upon graduation, or for more specialized graduate education in such fields as public health, law, social sciences, or a number of other professional fields.

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