Curriculum Outline for Pre-Law

Most of the nation’s law schools reject the idea of a rigid pre-law curriculum as a means of preparing students for entrance into law school. The undergraduate pre-law student is actually working toward two different objectives: admission to law school and an undergraduate education which will complement the law degree once obtained.

The type of undergraduate degree pursued may depend on the type of law in which you intend to specialize. For example, if you want to become a tax attorney, you might concentrate in accounting and economics. If copyright law interests you, an undergraduate degree in music or art would be beneficial. Those students interested in government service or politics may want to pursue a degree in political science.

Many students do not have a particular field of law identified prior to entering college. For these students a broad liberal arts education, including particularly those subjects which deal with people, such as political science and the other Social and Self- Awareness and Responsible Citizenship, is important. Murray State University’s commitment to a liberal arts education through its University Studies requirements is appropriate to this objective. All pre-law students should be aware that communications skills are very important, and for this reason, courses in English, speech and foreign languages should be considered.

Electives in Legal Studies