Dr. Jared Rosenberger

Dr. Jared Rosenberger''s CV

My research focuses on the relationship between media consumption, public opinion of crime, and criminal behavior.  Specifically, I am interested in how depictions of violence and crime shape viewers’ attitudes and actions.  This interest has led to a number of publications and research projects looking at the influence of media on such views as public opinion of the police, fear of crime, attitudes toward immigration, and opinion of criminal sentencing.  Further, my dissertation work links media consumption to criminal behavior directly and through its influence on noneconomic institutions like education, the family, and religion.  In current research, I have finished a quantitative and qualitative content analysis of the television series Law and Order and I plan on conducting a number of projects using this data.  I am also presently involved in a project analyzing the role of September 11th in shaping attitudes toward immigration in the United States and subsequent changes to immigration law.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with students on these or related research projects. I have a broad range of teaching interests and experiences.  Courses that I have taught previously or that I am scheduled to teach in the future include Introduction to Sociology, Criminology, Media, Crime and Public Opinion, Corporate and Political Deviance, and Law and Society.  I am also interested in developing new courses related to my research and interests

Fall 2013 Classes: 

        Introduction to Sociology

        Corporate and Political Deviance