Dr. Choong-Nam Kang

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Dr. Kang's CV

Ph.D. in Political Science, University at Buffalo, State University of New York (SUNY)
M.A. in Political Science, Hanyang University (Seoul, South Korea)
B.A. in Political Science, Hanyang University (Seoul, South Korea)


Dr. Kang’s research covers a number of topics in the fields of International Relations and East Asian studies. He has a large and diverse research agenda in the areas of causes of war and peace, alliances, rapid military buildups, the steps to war, and East Asian studies. Dr. Kang is currently engaged in several ongoing projects on these themes and these include the consequences of alliances for interstate militarized conflict, internal and external causes of rapid military buildups and their impact on conflict, and the varying interaction effects between issues and foreign policy tools on militarized conflict.


Kang, Choong-Nam, and Dog Gibler. 2013. “An Assessment of the Validity of Empirical Measures of State Satisfaction with the Systemic Status Quo.” European Journal of International Relations 19(4): 695-719. (Abstract)

Vasquez, John A., and Choong-Nam Kang. 2013. “How and Why the Cold War Became a Long Peace.”Cooperation and Conflict 48(1): 28-50. (Abstract)

Sample, Susan, Brandon Valeriano, and Choong-Nam Kang. 2013. “The Societal Determinants and Impact of Military Spending Patterns.” Political and Military Sociology: An Annual Review 41: 109-135. (Abstract)

Kang, Choong-Nam. 2012. “Alliances: Path to Peace or Path to War?” In What Do We Know about War (2nd edition), John A. Vasquez, ed., Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 27-44. (Abstract)

Kim, Wooksung, and Choong-Nam Kang. 2010. “The Impacts of Inconsistent Status Quo Evaluations on Regional War.” The Korean Journal of International Studies 8(1): 1-31. (Full Text)


Dr. Kang teaches various courses in the fields of International Relations and Asian Politics. 

The courses he teaches include: Introduction to International Relations / Honors Seminar in International Relations / Senior Seminar in International Relations / International Conflict and War / American Foreign Policy / US-East Asian Relations / Model United Nations / Government & Politics of Asia / Politics of China.


MSU Model UN Club is designed to promote students’ experiential learning about the UN, international relations, and important global issues and to help students develop their skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution, and negotiations by simulating the UN system. The club activities will also help students gain a broader perspective of global issues and the role of the United Nations.

Dr. Kang is the faculty advisor of MSU Model United Nations Club. Dr. Kang teaches and advises MSU Model United Nations Club to prepare to attend national and/or regional Model UN conferences.

In 2014, MSU Model UN Club attended the 2014 National Model United Nations Conference in New York City as the delegation of Yemen. In 2015, MSU Model UN Club will attend the 2015 Midwest Model United Nations Conference in St. Louis, MO.