Freshman Scholarship

Jerry and Betsy Shroat Freshman Scholarship

Beginning in the Fall of 2010, the Department of Theatre at Murray State University was able to begin offering a very nice scholarship for incoming freshmen.

Jerry and Betsy Shroat donated this scholarship to our program.  Their generous gift allows us to offer a $6000-7000 scholarship for an incoming freshman.  In order to be eligible for this scholarship, a student must be: an incoming freshman, been active in theatre during their high school years, and have committed themselves to academic scholarship in high school.

If a student receives this scholarship, they must: interview with the Chairman of the department, present a monologue or portfolio to the department, remain a theatre major for one academic year, email the Shroat's each month with updates concerning the student's progress and work in the theatre, and maintain a good grade point average.

If a student is interested in applying for this scholarship, please contact the Chairman of the Department of Theatre.

There is no deadline for an application, however, for fall enrollment to the university, it is suggested that a student wait no longer than March 1 of each year to apply.