Provost College and Department Assessment


Academic Program Review

Assessment Year:  2010-2011



Assessment Plan                                    Results/Analysis

Due: October 1, 2010                        Due: Sept. 15, 2011




BA/BS in Theatre

CIP Number:  50.0501

Department:  Theatre

College:             Humanities and Fine Arts

Accreditation: National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST)

Continuous Assessment Planning Process:

Annual, with direct and indirect assessment strategies facilitated by the department utilizing various assessment techniques.  Chairman determines 3-4 annual outcomes to be analyzed.  Data is collected, evaluated, and reported by the Chairman to the faculty, the Dean, and the Provost.  Program changes are recommended following each evaluation period.


Participants in the Planning Process:

Department faculty, chairman, students, outside evaluators (when applicable)


List of Learning Outcomes to be Measured (no more than 4):

1.            Students will learn the fundamental principles of auditioning and its role in procuring employment in the theatre.

2.            Students will recognize and understand the major movements of theatre history which will include: Classic Greek and Roman; Middle Ages; Elizabethan; Realism; Stylized (expressionism to Brecht); Theatre of the Absurd; Post-Modern; and, contemporary trends.

3.            Students interested in acting will develop characters in theatre productions to be performed in front of an audience.




Collegiate Goals for the 2011-2012 Academic Year


Goal #1:  Move Children’s Theatre production to October on an annual basis.

Responsible Party:  Faculty, Staff, Students

Action Steps:  Obtain appropriate timetable in Lovett; publish change of schedule with regional schools in the summer; begin design/production conversations in the summer; and, audition in the early Fall semester.

Calendar:  Most work will begin during the summer of 2011 with production work and rehearsals beginning the last week of August 2011.

Criteria for Success:  No snow!!!  And we would like to seat 3000 students at the production.

Outcome:  Will know in November.


Goal #2:  Complete NAST Self-Study for reaccreditation.

Responsible Party: Chairman, Faculty, Staff

Action Steps:  Begin work on the survey in the Fall of 2011; make a decision concerning the use of a consultant by mid-November; complete final self-study by May of 2012 for submission to NAST.

Calendar:  See above.

Criteria for Success:  Completion of the Self-Study; and, successful application to NAST.

Outcome:  Should know by December 2012

Goal #3:  Implement new box office process.

Responsible Party:  Chairman, Administrative Assistant, Students

Action Steps:  Complete final work with the University and with University Tickets; open website; begin taking orders using the ticket website and process.

Calendar:  Summer 2011 to end of Spring Semester 2012.

Criteria for Success:  Successful use of the new system for ticket sales for our productions.

Outcome:  Will report in June of 2012.


Department Goals/Learning Outcomes for the 2011-2012 Academic Year


Learning Outcome #1:  Basic Values and Attributes:  Students will understand and gain the ability to master their defense mechanisms and accept positive feedback and constructive criticism.

Learning Outcome #2:  Basic Employment Preparation:  Each student will prepare a mission statement personal to his/her goals.

Learning Outcome #3:  Basic Skills; Production:  Students will perform in or work on at least twelve faculty-directed productions prior to graduation if they are a theatre major and six faculty-directed productions prior to graduation if they are theatre minors.