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Trish Long

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Trish Long, Ph.D.

Trish Long


What leads to the occurrence of sexual violence? Are there different predictors of rape and sexual assault? How do men and women recover following interpersonal violence? What impact do peers and belief systems have on an individual’s sexual aggression?

I conduct research on the topic of interpersonal violence that investigates questions like these. The work my students and I conduct explores the predictors of sexual aggression, investigates the outcomes of such violence, and considers the implications for prevention. I would welcome the addition of both undergraduate and graduate students into my research team.

In addition to the research listed in my vitae, I have supervised student research projects on such topics as:

  • The relationship between attachment, early maladaptive schemas, and rape and sexual assault
  • Supportive and strength-based supervision as predictive factors of compassion fatigue, burnout and compassion satisfaction among female sexual assault advocates
  • Self-deception, self-esteem, and narcissism in batterers: The relationship between self-perceptions and time in treatment
  • Sexual revictimization and adjustment in college men
  • Sexual assault and rape perpetration by college men: The role of the big five personality traits
  • Attraction to sexual violence towards women, sexual abuse of children, and non-sexual criminal behavior: Testing the specialist vs. generalist models in male college students
  • The role of intolerant attitudes, rape myth acceptance, and rape proclivity in the prediction of perpetration of sexual aggression

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