Jana Hackathorn, Ph.D.

Jana Hackathorn


I am interested in several areas of social psychology including but not limited to interpersonal processes, social influence, prejudice and stereotypes, and cognitive errors and biases. However, my main interests lie in the processes within romantic relationships. I am interested in studying how people begin, maintain, and dissolve romantic relationships. Most recently I have been investigating predictors and cognitive effects of dating infidelity. I also study the effects of awareness of one’s mortality on one’s commitment to a romantic relationship, attraction to one’s partner, sociosexual orientation, and perceptions of infidelity. Finally, I am also interested in the scholarship of teaching. I study various teaching methods that can increase students’ depth of learning

In addition to the research listed in my vitae, here are some examples of student research projects that I am involved in this year:

  • Measuring mate-poaching behaviors
  • Sexual arousal and lie detection
  • Ambivalent sexism and double standards in infidelity
  • Deception and emotional carryover effects

Curriculum vitae