Cindy Barnett

Cynthia Barnett

Senior Lecturer of Spanish 

MA, Murray State University
MA, Bethel College
BA, Oregon State University

Telephone: 270.809.6317
Office: Faculty Hall 304-B


 Leon Bodevin Leon Bodevin
Associate Professor of Spanish

PhD, Texas Tech University
MA, University of Texas-San Antonio
BA, University of Texas-San Antonio

Research Interest: Spanish

Telephone: 270.809.4525
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-2

Michael Dixon
Visiting Assistant Professor of Japanese

PhD, Indiana University
BA, Indiana University

Research Interest: Japanese pedagogy, kanji learning strategies, educational technology

Telephone: 270.809.4524
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-4


Reika Ebert

Department Chair
Associate Professor of German

PhD, University of Washington
MA, University of Washington
MA, Philipps Universität, Marburg, Germany
BA, Philipps Universität, Marburg, Germany

Research Interest: travel literature, women's literary production, German-Turkish literature and film

Telephone: 270.809.4522
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-5

 Yoko Hatakeyama Yoko Hatakeyama

Senior Lecturer of Japanese

MA, TESOL, Murray State University
MA, Organizational Communication, Murray State University
BA, Aoyama Gakuin University

OPI tester of Japanese

Research Interest: Japanese language pedagogy, second language acquisition, intercultural communication

Telephone: 270.809.3419
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-1

 Mica Garrett

Mica Garrett

Associate Professor of Spanish

PhD, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
BA, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Research Interest: Cuban literature and film, Spanish Golden-Age literature, Identity theory

Telephone: 270.809.4523
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-3

email: mgarrett9@murraystate.edu

 Martin Kane

Martin Kane

Lecturer of Spanish

MA, Miami University
BA, Miami University

Research Interests: 20th century Latin American literature, Language Assessment, Second Language Acquisition

Telephone: 270.809.3114
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-7


Elena Picech



Assistant Professor of Spanish

PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
MEd, Millersville University, Millersville, PA
BS, York College of Pennsylvania, PA

Research Interest:  Latin American Culture and Civilization, Modernity, Twentieth Century Literature, Transatlantic Cinema.

Telephone: 270.809.4526 
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-2

 Roxane Riegler Roxane Riegler

Assistant Professor of French and German

Ph.D. University of Maryland
M.A. University of Salzburg, Austria

Research Interests: 20th /21st centuries literature of German-speaking cultures (especially Austria), minority literature and film, Holocaust studies, ethics and literature, cultural studies.

Telephone: 270-809-5864
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-8

 Tanya Romero-González Tanya Romero-González

Assistant Professor of Spanish


PhD (expected December 2014), Yale University
MPhil, Yale University
MA, Yale University
MA, Miami University
MA, Universidad de Málaga, Spain
BA, Universidad de Málaga, Spain


Research Interests: 19th-­21st century Peninsular literature and film, with a special interest in the effects of the Spanish Civil War on contemporary writers and filmmakers. Interdisciplinary studies, including film, cultural, and gender studies. Pedagogy and Linguistics, with a particular focus on second language acquisition, teaching methodology and technology-mediated teaching and learning.

Telephone: 270.809.5439
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-5

  Therese Saint Paul
Associate Professor of French
PhD, University of Edinburgh
MA, Universite de Liege-Belgium
BA, Universite de Liege-Belgium

Research Interest: Medieval Comparative Arthurian-Celtic literature, French language and civilization, French for business

Telephone: 270.809.4528
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-9

 Wu Jie

Jie Wu
Assistant Professor of Chinese
PhD, University of Washington in Seattle 

MA, University of Colorado at Boulder 

BA, Fudan University 

Research Interest: Traditional Chinese literary and cultural history
Telephone: 270.809.6865
Office: Faculty Hall 4A-10

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